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Holly's World May Be Bust, But She's Still Booming

August 5, 2010 at 5:03 PM | by | ()

Resort fees: expensive. Look on the minders' faces: priceless

Holly’s World may have ended, but La Madison herself is still very much around, juding by how she’s been putting herself about this week.

First, of course, there was the anti-resort fees stunt, which garnered a few inches thanks to her fetching pink t-shirt reading “No Resort Fee Zone” over her bazookas.

Then, according to the glorious Norm, she hit up the Nugget’s shark tank on Tuesday.

She told Life & Style about her birthday gift to Angel (boobs) and promptly made it into Celeb Slam for “tawdry behavior”.

She’s getting Twitter-stalked by Stephanie Pratt’s ex, which is possibly for the best, seeing as Bastard Benji has apparently been pulling Audrina Patridge.

Daily Fiasco ran a picture of her in her skanties.

And lest we forget, she had dinner. Hold the front page!

Because of the Boob-gate publicity, she’s getting three bobbles this week.

PS: Stalker notice: on Monday, she’ll be signing shoes for charity. We’ll rely on you to make your own jokes for that one.

[Photo: LV Sun]

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