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Does a Bar Stacked With Tequila Make Lolita's A Cantina?

Where: 6605 S Las Vegas Blvd [map], 89119
September 1, 2010 at 4:37 PM | by | ()

The latest from our new contributor, Amanda. Last week she told us why she liked Carnaval Court. This week: why she doesn't rate Town Square newbie, Lolita's Cantina.

Lolita's Cantina might be the newest hot spot in Town Square but in my opinion, it's not living up to the hype, with serious issues as regards atmosphere, food and customer service.

I went there as part of a group of 20. The restaurant was empty, and we were expecting a bunch of tables pushed together. Instead, we were seated in an area with couches and stand up tables.

Speaking as someone who's part Mexican, the "cantina" decor leaves something to be desired - since when did a wall of Tequila become enough to call a restaurant a "cantina"? Speaking of tequila, Lolita's promotes themselves as being a tequila bar yet they have no drinks menu available. What's that about?

Onto the food. We ordered small bite appetizers during happy hour and boy were they tiny! The guacamole tasted like the avocado paste that comes in a bag from your local grocer's freezer. My dining companions agreed that the food was okay but nothing to rave about.

And then that customer service - I ordered a $5 strawberry margarita, only to be told afterwards that it actually cost $8 because it's "flavored." Luckily, the bartender "cut us a deal" for $5 - an odd deal, seeing as it isn't mentioned anywhere on the menu that there is an up charge for flavored margaritas. There's that lack of drinks menu again, see?

It's not all bad - as I said before, the holographic dancers are amazing! But the only way you could possibly get me to go back would be for this show alone. It's a shame that such a great venue seems to have been sloppily put together.

Amanda's had her turn, now it's yours. Have you eaten at Lolita's yet? If so, what did you think? Let us know in comments below.

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Archived Comments:


A cantina is a cantina and you know it the second you walk in, but I guess every city has it's duds.  I'm not saying I go out of my way to find the "authentic" joints when I'm in town, (I've been to Diablo's, which I love) but when I walk into a place like Hussong's that has way better than average tacos and solid margs... it upsets me that places cash in on titles like "cantina" to make a buck.  Again, I guess every city has them. What can you do.  


My wife and I went here last Wednesday, I think. Whatever the lolipop day was. First, the plusses. It was pretty full, with beautiful people - very hipster, if you like that sort of thing. Our server was nice, and the flight of tequila they brought for around $15 was excellent, and the manager was very knowledgeable about the tequilas. Also, I guess the holograms were cool. The food was pretty good, but not great.

Here are my issues. First, it couldn't make up its mind what it wanted to be. Some chicks started dancing on tables about the time its supposed to turn into a club (I guess to hype everyone up), but it didn't work. The arrangement was awkward, as we couldn't even see the hologram dancers from where we were sitting due to a large wall (that led to the higher seating area) directly in front of us. As the article mentioned, there was no drink menu, so you had to do that awkward "how much does this cost" thing.

This leads to my biggest gripe. Their website said reverse happy hour was 50% off cocktails and ladies drink free that night. When we arrived, they had apparently never heard of such a thing, and the only drink that was free was something that tasted like cough syrup, because it was being hosted by a particular company trying to introduce a new drink. Bogus.

In summary, it was a nice place with nice service for us. However, the layout is awkward and the specials sometimes don't exists. I plan on going back to see how the experience differs during the weekend, but I wouldn't categorize it immediately as a must-go place.


vegasstar, you're saying you like hussong's, right? i adore it. and mesomorphman - interesting. we will have to investigate the happy hour thing. thanks for the tip!


Thanks for the review. There's enough comments on here that I will not be wasting my hard earned $$ there.

Hussongs? I was so drunk when I was last at MB that I went to the wrong Mexican joint. It was pretty bad. Is Hussongs in The Hotel?


juliab, I loved Hussong's.  The tacos were killer (I only called them "way better than average" cuz I compare all tacos to a joint we have in Austin.  But I was very impressed.  And really, I don't know that I've had a better marg.  Excellente!  @phoenixarcade -Hussong's is located in the Mandalay Place shopping area.  You need to go.