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Five Hot Vegas Girls You Should See

September 17, 2010 at 6:20 PM | by | ()

Hot girls. Las Vegas is full of them. You spot them at clubs, at pools, walking the Strip with their high heels in hand. Some come in for weekend visits while others star in their very own Strip show. Some are a tee winsy bit surgically enhanced while others are natural (we think?).

We already asked the burning question whether boobies are out of fashion in Vegas. Now we ask who are the hottest unsung Vegas girls? Vegas girls that you can see, meet, greet and admire for yourself. Vegas girls that aren’t huge celebrities but toil for your admiration and respect. The candidate list seems infinite so we unfortunately were not able to screen each and every eligible candidate.

But we have selected Five Hot Vegas Girls You Should See:

Tala McDonnough

Tala’s talents include (but we’re sure aren’t limited to) dancer, model, showgirl, and actress. You can watch her shake it as a Dirty Virgin with Matt Goss at Caesars Palace each weekend. But you may have also noticed her walking a runway at Fashion Show Mall, starring in Camp Vegas ads , Cantor Gaming spots, an Oscar Goodman/Lou Piniella sandwich, or even escorting Phil Hellmuth nude (2:28 mark). She’s the “nekkid” one, not Phil.

Tara Palsha

Tara is a red headed Pittsburgh native born to perform and has hit the Vegas stage in Jubilee!, Bite, Fantasy, and starred as Red Riding Hood in Peepshow. She’s currently tearing up the stage in Vegas! The Show which we’ve already told you to run and see. When not on stage you can likely track her down competing in Latin Ballroom competitions. Completely out of our league seeing as we failed square dancing.

Taylor Makakoa

Taylor is the Hawaiian assistant/girlfriend of Terry Fator. She graces Terry’s stage in a non-speaking role between costume changes, including one that makes us stand at attention. In addition to Terry, she’s also caught RawVegas.TV’s attention and at one point was a Pipeline 2 Paradise. Taylor, we salute you.

The twelve year old in us wanted to find a Tammy and Tasha so we could name this whole list the Ta-Tas. Alas, we couldn’t there were hotter girls to tell you about:

Kristen Schaefer

Kristen is an inspiration as lead mixologist at Mirage’s Rhumbar. No, really she’s officially Las Vegas’s Most Inspired Bartender. Bombay Sapphire held a competition this summer to find the nation’s top bartending and mixology pros. Kristen took down the Las Vegas competition and then placed second at the national comp earning her a spot in an upcoming issue of GQ. She’ll be moving over to manage the bar at another hotel opening soon but you can still taste her liquid creation at Rhumbar, “The Don Harlow”: Bombay Sapphire with Earl Gray tea, fresh lemon juice and a bitter orange espuma, served in a teacup with saucer and orange-spice rock candy stick. No crumpets?

Stefanie Jay

Stefanie is weekend anchor and weeknight reporter for FOX5 News in Vegas. She gives all Las Vegans something to watch while waiting for The Rant. Her bio says she can never turn down a day at the beach. Our ghostly skin and zinc oxide is ready and waiting.

If you wish to follow these lovely ladies online, you can sneak a peek at three of their tweets: Tala (@tala_marie), Tara (@tarapalsha), and Stefanie (@StefanieJay).

There are countless other waitresses, bartenders, hostesses, dealers, dancers, showgirls and more that could certainly qualify for a Hot Vegas Girls List. Have you been to any of Kerry Simon’s restaurants? Hello! Where have you ogled stalked gotten turned down spotted a striking Vegas girl? Let us know!

[Photos: Taylor: Vegasnews; Kristen: JennFarrington.com; Stefanie: Facebook]

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one more

I don't know what her name is for sure, but she is the girl on stage with Purple Reign, the Prince tribute band. Smokin.


i know you love the hottie from Zowie Bowie at red rock...I am surprised you dont have her as number 2 at least.

Five Hot Vegas Girls

Very nice platform to showcase Vegas's Hottest Girls. I'm impressed.

another one

You should pick Colby from Vegas!The Show.  She was a Las Vegas Pussycat Doll at Pure Nightclub

my two cents

i think we need a followup list