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Want To Avoid Crazy Strip Traffic? Go East to Koval Lane

September 3, 2010 at 1:39 PM | by | ()

Traffic congestion on the Strip can get heavy, especially at night and on the weekends. So since we at VegasChatter are all about making your life easier, we're going to share one of our driving secrets with you - cabbies and experienced locals navigate the Strip by using Koval Lane: the little street that could (get you to where you're going).

Koval Lane extends from Reno Ave. to Sands Ave. or for you tourists - MGM Grand to Wynn, two blocks east of the Strip. This small strip of road, only a few miles long, helps not only those who want to avoid traffic but also casino employees and delivery trucks which are needed to make your Vegas trip memorable. And it works - we once drove (separately) with a friend from the Tropicana to the Palazzo. We left together; we took Koval, she took the Strip, and arrived 40 minutes after we did.

You can access Koval by heading east through main roads such as Tropicana, Flamingo, and Spring Mountain - then just nip along to whichever intersection of the Strip you need (you'll hit the car parks the back way).

Just beware of the area between Tropicana Ave and Mandalay Bay Road as it is a 25 MPH zone and I have seen many cops hiding behind bushes trying to make their daily quota.

So be savvy! Don't get stuck in the mess that is the Strip. If you take Koval, you'll be glad you did.

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Archived Comments:


Now you've let everyone know that little secret i've known for years.....  thanks!!


If people haven't caught on yet, I think Koval is safe from congestion.  I don't roadtrip to my beloved anymore, but the times I did, Koval saved so much time and headaches.  On the flip side... How is Industrial for getting around the strip?


Police DO patrol Koval and they WILL pull you over!  (not that I know from experience or anything)


How do you pronounce "Koval" so I sound like a local when telling a cabbie?

Is it  pronounced "KO-val," or "Ko-VAL," and does it rhyme with "Go-Mall?"


cameraman - sorry!
bd - good knowledge, i'll stop speeding down there
rpjjr - i THINK it's KOH-val. that's what i say anyway, and nobody's corrected me, but then i'm foreign so they cut me slack.
vegasstar - i am the QUEEN of industrial. stand by for next week!


 Now you have almost went and told all the secrets! Next your tell folks about the cheap but great BBQ ribs and chicken that can be found on Koval with the "Buck Fifty" beer.