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Book For Halloween Now Before Rates Become A Fright Fest

September 24, 2010 at 1:34 PM | by | ()

A Vegas Halloween is unlike any other, so if there’s one weekend you’re considering coming here next month, and you’re waiting for a chance to get that slut outfit out/want to appreciate the ladies in slut outfits, that should be it.

A word of warning, though, rooms are expensive already. We’ve had a quick scan around Expedia for room rates on the weekend. Hard Rock is expensive – all the skanks have already booked it up we guess, as it’s showing as $153 for the Friday and $180 for the Saturday.

Even the cheapies are expensive - Circus Circus is showing as $67 for the Friday and then $77 for the Saturday. Sahara is $79 for both nights. Planet Hollywood for $199.

We’ll keep tracking the room rates but for now our verdict would be, if you’re wanting to join the skinfest, you’d best book soon. Else you’ll risk ending up in Imperial Palace (current rate: $84 a night).

[Photo: Halloweenball.com]

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 I know where to get darn nice room and Halloween parties for the weekend at only $315 ON THE STRIP.