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ARIA Releases New Ad on Facebook, For All The Things You Can't Do There

Where: 3730 Las Vegas Boulevard South [map], 89158
January 17, 2011 at 4:40 PM | by | ()

Hey, Cosmopolitan! Think you're the only one that can make a sexy ad? Well, ARIA wants you to know it can, too. Minus the weird, random critters, that is.

ARIA is giving its Facebook fans a sneak peek of its new 30-second commercial today and, while the models are hot (and the bar even hotter by the image above), we don't really get it.

Why? Because, besides checking in and a spot of gaming, all it shows is a couple doing all the things that would get you a stern look from security, if not a quick boot from the property. Or, a ride to county lockup.

Splashing in an outdoor fountain. Jumping in a pool fully clothed. Lighting a bar on fire. Fun, fun and fun. But, a visit that would be short-lived, indeed. Especially, with that last one. But, wow, think about the bragging rights you'd have for, literally, setting Vegas on fire.

Good times aside, we're really disappointed that the ad continues to bring up that confusing ARIA/CityCenter conundrum. For some reason the suits over at MGM Resorts still think that its only a matter of time before people "get" CityCenter. Sorry, execs, but even people who's job it is to report the facts get it wrong, often and frequently. Case in point: During The Cosmopolitan opening hubbub, @USATodayTravel tweeted that The Cosmo was at CityCenter.

The ARIA commercial won't post to YouTube until tomorrow so we can't post it here for you right now. You can, however, see it here.

Hotel Facebook reps say the ad will air during the SAG Awards on January 30 and will be seen by most of the country when it does.

After you take a looksy for yourself, come back and tell us what you think in the comments below.

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This is a bit more straight forward than the Cosmo ad. It's also in line with the other ads MGM has run over the past few years.

Also, they show 2 seconds of gambling. Cosmo wouldn't dare talk about gambling. :)

Nothing New

The ad is pretty and bland. Vanilla Vegas.