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Tweet of the Weekend: When Your Only Clue Is Your Arm

January 24, 2011 at 12:06 PM | by | ()

Many people got trashed in Vegas this weekend, and lots of them told the world about it. So, every Monday we’re bringing you our favorite tweet of the weekend.

Ever had such a good time in Vegas you can't even remember it? (Charlie Sheen, we're going to go ahead and mark you down as a "yes.") @tdietz5 has, too, but at least he awoke with an armful of clues:

Woke up this morning with 3 VIP wristbands and 4 stamps on my forearm. Clearly I had a good night in #Vegas.

We can only hope that he doesn't have to worry about a missing friend, Mike Tyson and a baby in the closet and that he isn't - even now - trying to desperately retrace his dance steps.

Tangent: If Bill Clinton really isn't in the next "Hangover" movie, we will be severely peeved.

Have a Vegas weekend you can't remember? Tell us what you can recall before it all went blank! Tweet us or email us your story, or drop your comments in below.

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