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The One Where We Started At The Cosmo, Ended Up at Monte Carlo

Where: 3708 Las Vegas Boulevard South [map], 89109
January 28, 2011 at 1:21 PM | by | ()

Just like many of the visitors coming into Vegas these days, The Cosmopolitan has become one of our must-stop destinations when we head down to The Strip. We're always "curious" (forgive the pun) about what we'll find, especially when it comes to the clientele, cuisine and service.

Last night, we met up with a friend who'd never been to The Cosmo to wander up-and-down its multi-level corridors with the intention of seeing the sights before noshing on some of the hotel's more budget-friendly fare. Upon arrival, we were first struck by the almost-empty lobby (seen below)...

...yes, it was 7:20 p.m. and likely well past check-in, but we had just fought our way through the lobby at Bellagio which was teeming with people, many queuing up at the registration desk. Unfortunately, we didn't know what a surprising juxtaposition the two scenes would pose so we didn't take an image of Bellagio before heading to The Cosmo and didn't want to be unfair by taking a comparison snapshot several hours later.

Does The Cosmo just have its stuff together better than Bellagio? Is The Cosmo's design just better at filtering people to its casino and up its many layers? Is The Cosmo's lobby entrance, located just off the main valet, just not a main arrival point as much as the entrance off Las Vegas Boulevard? Are Cosmo guests just more punctual for check-in? Or, were there just not a lot of rooms booked? We don't know the answers, but it was definitely a thought-provoking scene.

Up a floor, we let out a snort of disgust when we saw this...

Yes, ladies, oversized high heels are fun, but they're still art and if they were meant to be a "ride," you can bet someone would be charging you before you could clamber inside.

Up another floor and we thought we had reached our secret destination. The Cosmo's "secret" pizza joint, which last night around 7:40 p.m., seemed to be pretty secret still.

It also seemed like the pizzas had been congealing there for a while and since no one beyond the counter bothered to greet us (as apparently the two people ahead of us were a handful), we turned around and headed out.

Just outside the secret hall, we stopped to discuss our next move. We'd heard a lot of good things about Holsteins and have even promoted their $1 booze special on this site, but had yet to nosh there so we headed down a floor to give it a whirl. (And, back to our earlier ponderings, the other levels of The Cosmo were also crowd-less. We wonder if this multi-level thing is actually good for dispersing the masses to tolerable, less-claustrophobic numbers or if there just weren't a lot of people there?)

At Holsteins, a perky hostess greeted us and said it would be a few minutes for a table. Ok, that's nothing new for Vegas so we grabbed seats in the lounge to wait. It was about seven minutes into our wait when my companion pointed out something I couldn't see happening right behind me. Another couple which had just arrived, were waltzed by us and immediately sat by a second hostess. Did they have a reservation? Were they VIPs? We don't know, but our companion noticed hostess #1 having a whispered convo with hostess #2 a few secs later. And, since we were escorted to our table by hostess #2 a minute after that (who, with a bit of nervous laughter, apologized for the wait), we tend to think we were forgotten.

That kind of thing happens, too, so we just laughed it off as we got comfy in our booth and glanced around the dining room that was fairly packed in the first half...

but practically a ghost town in the second.

Making us wonder, 'why the wait?' But, again, not a really big deal. They, like a lot of restos, are probably staffed for smaller crowds thanks to the sucky economy, so we laughed that off, too.

It was when we were sitting waiting for our server, and waiting, that it began to be not so funny anymore. My friend even pulled out his iPhone and began running his stopwatch to see just when we would see one. We waited about eight minutes before one appeared, who cheerfully dropped off a small container of popcorn "from the chef" (photo see below) and hightailed it out of there without asking for our drink order or saying when she, or anyone else, would be back.

That's when we exchanged glances and decided that Holsteins wasn't the place for us, either. The resto may very well know burgers, but we think they don't quite know good service, at least not yet. From there, we ended up at Monte Carlo, but that's a story for another day. That day being Monday.

Have you dined at The Cosmopolitan yet? Tell us what your experience was below!

Archived Comments:

But but but

How was the popcorn?


I knew someone would ask me that. We were so fed up that we left it untouched. Also, if anyone wonders why we started at Bellagio, it's easier to self-park there and waltz on over to The Cosmo. At least in my humble opinion!


I assumed you left it but was hoping you'd say you took it with you and popped a few in your mouth as you exited past the hostesses.

Take the popcorn...

..and spell out "Fail" on your table.


My exit could have used a tad more flair. I will keep these ideas in my back pocket for next time!