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The Pub At Monte Carlo Has Dueling Pianos, Tips Suggested (Often)

Where: 3770 Las Vegas Blvd S [map], 89109
January 31, 2011 at 8:02 PM | by | ()

Monte Carlo offers lessons on 'Dueling Pianos 101.' Whether you want them or not.

Caesars Palace may be making another big 'superstar performer' announcement tomorrow, but often its the little things that really speak to the charm of Vegas while the opposite end of the spectrum can really, really disappoint.

That's why we'll always love the cheesefest of dueling pianos and now, as it turns out, there's another one to add to our on-going tally.

We stumbled upon "Fuel the Duel" at The Pub at Monte Carlo last week after an eagerly anticipated dining visit to The Cosmopolitan turned into one big food FAIL.

Why Monte Carlo? Well, we could say because it was so easy to walk through The Crystals from Cosmo, zip around ARIA's porte cochere and take the covered pathway to MC, but in all honest the guy pal we were with has it bad - real bad - for The Pub's mesquite fries paired with marshmallow dipping sauce.

The fry/sauce combo were just as addictive as he remembered, but the rest of his fare (a "Napa Burger" with Angus, herbed goat cheese, arugula and pesto mayo) and ours (a "Hangover Burger" with fried egg) were ok, but certainly more advisable to consume while you're drunk then when you're shaking it off and can better remember how unmemorable the fare actually was. Also, we couldn't taste the booze in our alcoholic Oreo shake to which our companion said "that's a good sign" and to which we countered "not if you can't feel it, either."

As we noshed more out of hunger than desire, dueler Michael and his gum-smacking sidekick Dennis took the stage and delivered the expected hockey comedy ('Anyone celebrating a divorce, surgery?') and crowd sing-a-longs ('Old-Fashioned Rock n Roll'), but also took every moment (and. we. mean. every. moment.) to remind the crowd of about 70 mostly uninterested diners that they work for tips. Before songs, during songs, after songs. With words. By flashing actual cash. By shining lights in our faces.

We appreciate all service workers and always tip generously, but this soon became an off-putting refrain, drowning out any hope of a good time. Perhaps, that's why more people continued to walk on by after a short looky loo than chose to actually come inside and stay.

We think with the right crowd, the right time of night, and the right pacing of tip requests, "Fuel the Duel" could be fab for an evening out in Vegas. But, the performers will need to strike a better chord with patrons and give us more fun and less stress, before we'll drunkenly join in. On stage. With bills in hand. Again and again.

"Fuel the Duel" takes place at The Pub in Monte Carlo, Thursdays through Saturdays, from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. Bring your own group of rowdy friends to kick up the fun, and to share the cost of 'suggested' tips.

Archived Comments:

For those who remember...

our dining escapade at The Cosmo, we were sat immediately at The Pub and drink orders were taken a minute later. To be fair, we asked our companion to guesstimate the size of the crowd at The Pub as opposed to the crowd at Holsteins. He felt they were about the same.


I've always found that the dueling pianists at Harrah's have struck a fair balance between entertainment and gently reminding people that tips are appreciated.

That's good to know

... and, refreshing to hear! Perhaps, someone will suggest a road trip to MC execs.