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Staying At Gold Spike: Not Too Fancy, Not Too Shabby

Where: 217 Las Vegas Boulevard North [map], 89101
February 1, 2011 at 11:41 AM | by | ()

We’ve been getting our downtown groove on lately. Ziplining, gold digging, even feeling artsy. When we saw an $11.11 room promo, it was time to check out Gold Spike. We knew about all about their $4.99 $5.99 prime rib, but how would Rumor’s little cousin stack up beyond cheap eats? (Siegel Group did over both previously worn down resorts).

Check In:

Parking is outdoor only here but it’s free. Check-in was quick and easy just inside the door with no line upon our arrival. We showed up mid-week around 7pm so mileage may vary but we don't expect prime time to get too crowded either. We were told the empty food joint that sits across from registration was a pizza restaurant that failed to drum up business. See, if there was a line for check-in we'd have grabbed some pizza. But we like a breezy check-in so are okay without the pie.

Room Reaction:

Room 502 was a functional, basic, and clean deluxe king room. The room didn’t define ultra-luxury and wasn’t begging for us to spend a vacation holed up here in comfort. But it contained all the basics one needs without looking cheap: Bed, desk, flat screen TV, phone, clock radio, closet, one LV magazine, and a bathroom. That was really it. The closet wasn’t enclosed but rather a shelf with hangars near the door. Not super fancy; functional.

Being a corner room, the creepy, creaky door swung open close to the bathroom and made us feel as if we had to squeeze in at times. We tried to capture all that on the video but watching it didn't give us the same "we're sneaking into a hotel room" feeling.

(Note: Excuse the unkempt looking bed. That was our doing, not housekeeping’s, as we went drinkin’ right after check-in and had forgotten to get pics and vid before passing out taking a nap).

Amenity Madness:

The bathroom was tiny and cramped but also served its purpose. Definitely room for only one at a time to get ready in here. And two people couldn't hold a conversation over that fan anyway. Gold Spike provides enough to get the job done: one small tube of shampoo, one body lotion, and one bar of soap. We could’ve used two bars since it always seemed the soap was on the sink when we were in the shower and vice versa but we managed.


The walls were a little thin as we could tell we had neighbors at times, but turning the TV up some seemed to solve that. Overall, the hotel and casino was clean and felt safe inside. Which, considering its location a block from Fremont Street, is notable. We usually passed a few homeless keeping warm with empty beer cans when walking that block to Fremont at night.

The Cosmopolitan may be the cool guy that wants you to act like you own the place, but at the Gold Spike you can actually feel like you do. You can see from one end of the small casino to the other and usually have your choice of games without it feeling deserted. With $3 blackjack and scantily clad dealers, you get a view without breaking the bank so that maybe you can own your place.


It wasn’t pool season when we visited, but pics at the front desk looked decent. It’s located at Siegel’s Oasis building next door, however, so you’ll need to flip flop it over there to shake your tini bikini. The walk should literally only take a minute but you'll have to walk outside toward the parking lot before potentially being greeted by any sexy pool girls (or boys).


One restaurant on property, Golden Grill is open 24 hours and home to that (in)famous prime rib special that may or may not be up your alley. The restaurant definitely has that Siegel touch: Not quite as nice as Rumor’s Addiction, but a similar clean, white setting and friendly service. Breakfast was solid enough to cure a severe hangover: bagel and egg sandwich for $3.49, while our dining companion went with two eggs, hash browns, bacon, and toast for $4.49. We could’ve passed on the coffee ($1.79) though.


In room Wi-Fi is included in the $7.95 resort fee and was the best feature of the room. No setup or login required and the signal was strong and fast enough that we worked from the room the good part of one day. That glass top desk is a bit uncomfortable though and the only phone was on the nightstand.


We jumped on the $11.11 special for two nights, plus that damn, but useful in this case, resort fee for a total of $43.08. Basic rooms generally run from $40 (weeknights) to $80 (weekends) while suites usually start at $170.

What We Liked:

While we hate resort fees, we loved the included Wi-Fi. The room itself wasn’t overly exciting and we weren’t scrambling to find the card on where to buy the mattress, but it was comfortable, clean, and new. The tiny casino can actually make you feel a bit VIP if you close your eyes, click your heels, and think intimate.

What We Didn’t Like:

The location is the biggest drawback for the Gold Spike. It’s convenient to Fremont without being in the center of the noise action, but you’ll need to accept having a few bums and beggars as neighbors. Once the Lady Luck and Mob Museum are finished, though, we expect this block to take a step up.

Slots aren’t yet hooked up to pay out tickets, so an attendant will need to hand pay you. But that could be looked at as part of that VIP-like experience.

Bottom Line:

Overall, if you want to stay downtown, don’t mind walking that block at night (or to the pool), and the price is right compared to Fremont Street hotels, we’d give the Gold Spike a look. Maybe, just maybe, if you have a group looking to hang in one spot for a trip, you can eat, drink, and sleep here for less and it would almost be your own private party.

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