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Why We're Starting 2011 Slightly Peeved

January 4, 2011 at 1:59 PM | by | ()

We will try to get through this story with as few grrrs as possible.

Resort fees are the bane of our existence and, for sure, pretty damn ridiculous to you as well.

It got under our bonnets so bad that we declared them (and their continued and rapid growth) 2010's "Biggest Disappointment."

As loyal VegasChatter peeps, we know you have our back just like BrianG who was so pissed about fees at The Mirage that he slammed them both on our site and on our Facebook page. (BTW, feel free to vent on either yourself, too.)

That's it, Brian! Let it out! We're with you and raise our fist in disgust as well!

The Cosmopolitan (very wisely) doesn't want to touch the foot with a 10-dollar foot pole (at least not yet). CEO John Unwin recently announced that he wasn't going to charge resort fees. We'll see if that still holds true when the shiny wears off.

So, who's resort fee do you detest the most and why? Let us know in the comments below!

(BrianG, let 'er rip.. again!)

Archived Comments:


The Mirage says the $20 resort fee includes "free in-room wifi, access to Cardio Center, daily newspaper, robes, & unlimited local + toll-free calls."

In the interest of full disclosure...

I should add that for my stay next month I'll be paying the old $15 resort fee because I booked prior to Jan. 3rd.  But I'm guessing that I won't be getting the oh-so-necessary bottles of water that were listed when I booked.  =/


Something tells me that I'm going to have an awesome view of an A/C unit when The Mirage sees this.  HAH!  :)

Or maybe...

an upgrade?? You never know. Tell us which way the coin ends up falling. And, if you get that water ;)


When I stayed @ Mirage in November I was lucky enough to get a view of the dome to go along with my $33 room that ended up being almost $50. LAME!


I'll keep my finger crossed -- would sure like to see inside those newly remodeled suites in person vs. TripAdvisor.  


Just got update TR rates after my weekend trip.. lots of comps.  I'm moving to the Flamingo!