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Roulette iTable: Yes, New Card Games: No

October 10, 2011 at 2:17 PM | by | ()

The Global Gaming Expo (G2E) has come and gone. We've talked about the slot machines we'll soon see on the gaming floor, we've talked about the things that were on display that we won't likely see and we've talked about deflowering ourselves on the G2E floor. What's left? There's one major item we can think of that we haven't looked at yet - new table games.

Last year, we saw a few new table games like Scossa and 3 Dice Football try to capture the community excitement of craps at the casino. Unfortunately, they didn't. Whenever we walk into Red Rock Casino we see an empty Scossa table. We'd be sad if the game seemed as if it was interesting, but if we want the fun of craps, we'll play craps.

The good news at G2E was that we didn't see any new craps-type games. However, we did see a lot of new card games that were so disinteresting that we don't expect to see much of them in the future. There may be an Off Strip test here and there (or placement in Tunica "Where casino games go to die" as per Oceans 13), but there was nothing interesting enough to be a slam-dunk guarantee for Strip casinos (a.k.a., the big time).

We did notice that there are more iTables out there. We expect to see more of these technologically advanced tables on the floor sometime soon. While we didn't always see technology as a positive on the gaming tables, we caught a glimpse of the Shuffle Master roulette iTable where there is no need to reach over people anymore to place bets. Good thing since we're usually stuck next to the guy who forgot deodorant. Unlike Rapid Roulette, this keeps the integrity of the original roulette game with an efficiency that technology can provide.

Sometimes newer isn't better, better is better. We can see the roulette iTable making a lot of sense in a casino and making our gameplay more fun. We prefer our technology to enhance our gameplay, not change it and the roulette iTable should do just that.

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Until someone spills a drink one one of them! lol


True for the touch screens. I'm pretty that the electronics on the main portion of the table are under sealed glass. The touch screens are probably not expensive to replace, but I can see them going out of service.