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What Happens When The Vegas Virgins Are Your Parents

October 12, 2011 at 6:25 PM | by | ()

The Mirage Volcano. Now approved by the 'rents.

What a strange concept to us. What do we recommend people -- that are the polar opposites of ourself -- do in Las Vegas? And, those people? Our parents. Our parents who don't gamble, don't drink and don't seek out fine dining. They've spent their lives earning enough money to retire and live a nice modest life. Unlike their son, they don't look to frivolously spend their hard-earned money.

Our parents recently broke their Vegas cherry and we, of course, helped provide some things to do. Our parents, like us, are children of the East Coast. They've never been this far west, so there was a lot to explain when booking travel since they haven't been on an airplane since they had to use a travel agent. We love booking travel, especially when it isn't our money.

Once flights were booked we went to our Total Rewards account to see what rooms might be available for free or cheap. Thankfully, we found a week of comp rooms. Much like small children, we didn't want to shock our parents too much when choosing a hotel room so we chose Harrah's since it's not too flashy or glitzy. The room was modest, functional, in a good location and free. With an upgrade, we were able to get a mini-suite with "vintage" 80's motif. Additionally, Harrah's would also allow our parents to keep expenses down as it has plenty of inexpensive food options nearby, like Denny's, McDonalds and the Casino Royale food court.

Before and during our parents' visit, we used Twitter for recommendations on what to do with the "old white people," since we have no experience with that. Thank you to everyone for the recommendations! We should have started a hashtag for #OldWhitePeople, so we could easily search the feedback. Maybe next time. The first recommendation came quickly. At check-in we were told that we could have two free tickets to just about any show under the Caesars family. Human Nature and Legends In Concert were most recommended. Our parents headed to Legends In Concert to get a bit of sVegas variety on their first night. Fancy!

We had to scour the backs of our mind to recommend some things to do, since it was the opposite of what we usually look for. First, we had to make sure they understood that "next door" means 15-20 minutes of walking through a casino in most cases, especially since they were going to stop and look at everything. They're tourists. They have the right to explore. Using Harrah's as home base, we gave them groups of things to do and places to go.

Go right and check out Venetian, Palazzo for a taste of Italy. Once through V & P, take a look at Wynn and Encore. They've heard of Steve Wynn and Wynn (the hotel) quickly became their favorite casino to walk through on The Strip. On their way back to Harrah's, they would check out the Treasure Island pirate show, which they thought was silly, and the Mirage volcano, which they loved.

They ended up going back to The Mirage to watch the Volcano a few times. We made sure, though, that they went left as well to check out Caesars Palace, Bellagio and Cosmopolitan. Bellagio was fresh on our mind since the fall Conservatory display just opened. As expected they loved Bellagio and Cosmopolitan where everything was 'so pretty.' Like we do, they got lost in Caesars when they walked through. Their trip to the left ended at Sugar Factory where mom loaded up on sweets by the pound. No $100 lollipops for her.

The only off Strip things our parents did was take a quick look at Red Rock Canyon and a quick tour of the Hard Rock. The Hard Rock was their last stop in Vegas and they took pictures of just about everything and enjoyed some Chinese food at Mr. Lucky's before their flight back east. We can't imagine that was a good idea before a five-hour flight.

Our Vegas Virgin parents had a great time exploring The Strip for four days. Everything was so nice and they were so happy to see their son that we're pretty sure they'll be back sooner than later. We're proud that they were able to conquer about 60% of The Strip only leaving the south end unexplored. And, it should be said that despite our insistence, they refused to visit downtown. At least we know where to begin their next visit. Yo, M&M's store! Be warned. Our mom is coming back for you.

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that they had a great time.  Nice job of breaking them in and wrapping it up for us.  Seriously lol'd at the chinese food before their flight comment.  How'd that work out by the way...?

Volcano, FTW.

My Vegas Virgin parents also ooed and ahhed at the Volcano time and time again on their first visit.  We were all staying there, they were also excited to find that The Mirage has a volcano channel...  for when you need to watch it at 8:00am?

@Mr. P

They made it home and everything seems ok. I asked them how they could do that and my mom said "I'm gonna go to the bathroom anyway." LOL!


That's awesome.  I didn't notice the volcano channel on TV when I stayed there. I think my parents ended every night watching the volcano before going back to the room.

mom is going

in oct 2014. so i did a google search for this and the one for 50 yr old virgins on vegas chatter.