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VegasChatter's Top Five Vegas Halloween Costume Ideas

October 14, 2011 at 6:23 PM | by | ()

For those willing to step it up above this... but, not by much.

This Halloween, if you’re tired of the zombie craze or don’t want to be just some slutty (fill-in-the-blank), we’ve got a few options for you -- Vegas-style, of course! And, if you know us at all, you can guess that this won't be a list of the regular Vegas icons: mob men (snore)... showgirls (yawn).. not even Elvis (blasphemy)!

Once you decide what you're going to be, don't forget to check out our complete guide to all the hottest parties to decide where you're going to rock your look this Halloween! And, don't forget to email us a pic!

5. LMFAO’s Red Foo

Everyone knows and loves the boisterous party rocker, and we do, too. Especially because he can frequently be found at Marquee on Party Rock Mondays. Dressing the part is easy: Get a big ass ‘fro. Remove the lenses in your glasses, yo. Squeeze into some animal print pants (leggings, found in most women’s departments will do) and start shufflin’. Every day, as practice.

4. Matt Goss

The Caesars Palace crooner is also quite easy to imitate. The first step, fedora. Second step, tux. Third step, douse yourself in cheap cologne. Mascara and English accent optional.

3. Holly Madison

A classier Vegas take on the usual skank costume. You can wear any glamorous dress and heels, but to capture the essence of Holly you’ll need two things: blonde hair and big boobs. Wait, does that count as three?

This also is one-fourth of a great group costume. Throw in your gay best friend, a ditzy brunette and your blonde understudy and you’ve got Holly’s World!

2. The Jabbawockeez

Also an awesome group costume, but perfect for lazy people, like, sweatpants lazy. Black hoodies, black sweatpants, white gloves, white mask and - viola! - Las Vegas' best dance crew. Then just pop, lock and drop all night.

1. Melody Sweets

The raven-haired songstress of Absinthe (returning October 21!) is as glam as they get here on The Strip. Think classic, Bettie Page pin-up girl when it comes to the hair and makeup: jet black wig, dramatic cat eye-eyeliner and red lips.

You can go two ways with the rest of the costume and still look like a bombshell. You can go Mad Men retro with a dress from the Bettie Page store. Or, if you're more fearless and risqué, complete the look wearing just a pair of pasties, panties and stockings held up with garter belts. Meow!

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