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KISS Coffeehouse Not Coming To Vegas, After All

October 17, 2011 at 8:45 PM | by | Comment (1)

We're sorry. We really don't mean to be the bearer of bad news to KISS fans.

But, after discovering we won't be able to swing through the coming KISS Monster Mini Golf Course until at least January, we wondered how plans for a KISS Coffeehouse were brewing along. And, that's when we found that we may be a major KISS jinx.

A visit to KISSCoffeehouse.com finds there are no plans for Vegas to rock n' roll all night, and drink coffee every day, after all:

RUMORS about a KISS Coffeehouse opening in Las Vegas are just that, RUMORS!

There is no licensing agreement with KISS for a KISS Coffeehouse in Las Vegas with Johnny Rock Enterprises, or to my knowledge, anyone else, at this time.

Yours in KISS,
Johnny Rock
Owner, The KISS Coffeehouse
Myrtle Beach, SC

Funnily enough, Rock was quoted in the Las Vegas Sun as saying he was "coming to take over Vegas" in an August 15 article titled, "Kiss to open themed coffeehouse in Las Vegas."

Sounds like someone may need to switch to decaf.

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Kiss Coffee

I've had about 5 different KISS coffee brews and they were pretty good. I'm not sure who makes the coffee (since this is a licence deal) but it was pretty good. Especially Black Diamond which is as dirty and strong as it should be.

I'm not a KISS fan, but friends that are and have visited the SC location really liked it.

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