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Duhhhh... Where Did I Park?

October 18, 2011 at 12:26 PM | by | ()

Each trip to a casino begins one of two ways depending on our mood. Sometimes we'll just drop our car at valet and get things started and sometimes we'll venture off to self park. We still don't know our way around the garages very well, so we write out detailed directions on how to find our car whenever we park. Directions are written from the point of view of exiting the elevator. They look something like this:

Level 4, sec 4C, Out El, Rt, 3 rows

We know that this is very specific, but we are directionally challenged and need all the help we can get. These directions go right into our iPhone while we are walking from the car to the elevator. Our father may be the only person who still carries a pen in his pocket and that pen could come in handy when parking at The Venetian.

Last week at G2E, we valeted at The Venetian and self parked at both The Venetian and The Palazzo. We found this nifty business card at the Venetian elevators that we could take with us to remember what level we parked. The smaller Palazzo parking garage didn't have the same amenity. Most people we know don't need the specific directions we like, so this is just enough for them. Of course, our dad would probably whip out his pen and write shorthand directions on the card like we leave on our phone.

Of course we have to wonder why there would be a coupon on the back side of the parking reminder. If we redeem it will it be returned so we can find our car?

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Snap it

I usually take a photo with my iPhone of the Floor/Row placard. The only garage where I'm a-ok without it is Bellagio.


I've seen people do that then post on twitter so the world knows where they parked. Haha.