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Things We Wish We Could Do in Vegas

October 5, 2011 at 5:39 PM | by | ()

With a Walk of Fame-worthy catchphrase like ‘Whatever Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas,’ Las Vegas continues to emphasize its reputation as Sin City. These terms hold up because the perception is that anything goes in Las Vegas. There is a commonly held belief that almost anything is legal and allowable in Vegas, but that is not really true. While we can do a lot of things in Las Vegas, here are a few things we wish we could do.. but can't:

Text at the tables - Mobile phones are banned from gaming tables. You can step a foot away and make a call or type out a text, but you cannot do so while at the table. With all of the eyes on you at the table, I don’t know what you could briefly do with a smart phone that could change anything. I suppose a sophisticated person could find a way to use a phone to cheat, so I doubt this will change anytime soon.

Take a drink in a cab - Ok, we admit, we may be guilty of breaking this law. But technically, if you have a giant smoothie from Fat Tuesdays and want to cab it up to Fremont Street, you are technically not allowed to have that drink in the cab. Along the same lines, we also wish we could take our drink through The Crystals mall or take a 40 oz of Mickeys into Encore (yes we have tried that, yes It did not end well).

Put coins in a slot machine - We loved Ticket In Ticket Out (TITO) machines when they were first introduced, but some of the fun of slots were the clunking of the coins. Now, you can’t find any machines that take coins, let alone disperse them. So all you Vegas Virgins who were saving your quarters, get those turned into dollars before you leave town.

Take pictures inside casinos - A lot of Strip properties do not want you taking pictures on the casino floor. Some places enforce it more than others, but at any given moment you are risking having your camera confiscated. Even S. Yume on Flickr who snapped the shot at the top of this story said they had a security guard breathing down their neck. We love taking pictures of great video poker hands or slot pulls, so if you are anything like us, take a look around before you take that shot.

There are a lot of things that are allowed on the Las Vegas Strip so you can have a good time, but these are just some things we wish we could do. We should also post that (while it’s not of interest to us) prostitution is NOT legal in Las Vegas. (No matter if you can search for some companionship from your hotel lobby.) Nobody wants to spend their Las Vegas vacation in jail, so we point that out as a little bonus for your read.

Is there anything you wish you could do in Las Vegas?  Let us know in the comments below.

(Photo: S.Yume on Flickr)

Archived Comments:

The underage set

I bet 'kids' aged 18-20 wish they could book a room in Vegas. When I was in the hospitality industry, I know they called all the time trying to get one.

All of the above

Have been completed, although the only casino I've seen recently with coin machines is El Cortez.

For texting at a table you just just have to be smooth.

For booze in cabs you just have to be like the honey badger.

Same for pictures in the casino. I've haven't been stopped in years. Just don't have people near your pic and don't mess around and you'll be fine.

While it may be illegal....

....I've had a drink in my hand on about two dozen cab rides, and NEVER been asked to leave it behind.  And I've walked through Crystals with a drink at least half a dozen times.

If you're not acting like a d-bag, dumping your drink all over the place, no one cares.


In a similar vein......
I would like a Las Vegas Strip where anyone under 18 years of age was prohibited. Simple as that. Children have no business visiting Las Vegas (the strip, that is) and the folks who bring them along are moronic in my humble opinion.