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Frank Marino Gets Dragged Into The Reality Dating Game

November 2, 2011 at 12:07 PM | by | ()

Programming alert for reality TV and female impersonator fans: Vegas Diva Frank Marino is getting into the dating game. Next week's episode of Millionaire Matchmaker features the superstar Diva looking for love.

Vegas aficionados and Millionaire fans might recall another entertainer testing his sex appeal in season two when hypnotist Anthony Cools pulled out his douchiest tricks to try to win the gal. Watching that video we can't help but wonder who the stylist was that hypnotized him into getting that haircut. Much improved these days, Anthony. Just sayin'.

Matchmaker Patti Stanger herself gets dragged into the fun while coaching Marino. Will the well-moisturized Marino find love? Tune in to Bravo Tuesday at 9pm to find out if the penis does the picking.

[Photo: Bravo TV]

Archived Comments:

I can't tell...

if they're working their way up the Las Vegas entertainer chain, or down. It's got to be up, right? I wonder who's next? Zowie Bowie?