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Where To Find A Million Dollar 3-Card Poker Bonus

November 11, 2011 at 4:47 PM | by | ()

Caesars Entertainment has been rolling out different variations of 3-Card Poker bonuses since we were back East. We tend to scoff at bonus bets because they are usually created to reduce our odds. Reducing odds at 3-Card Poker is kind of cruel since the odds are bad to begin with. However, when we see the potential for a $1 million bonus we have to pay attention.

Since we've been at Rio at lot for the past week or so with the World Series of Poker's November Nine we've had a little time to explore the games available and one that poked out interest was this million dollar addition to the 3-Card Poker game. After a little research we found that this bonus is available at all Caesars properties all over the country.

So how do you win $1 million? Place your normal ante and pair plus bets and then another dollar on the bonus circle. Then you have to have what they call a "Super Royal Flush" of 9-10-J-Q-K-A when you combine your 3 cards with the 3 dealer cards. Too make this even more difficult, you must have this hand in diamonds. The same hand in other suits pays $100,000. While the one dollar bet pays $1 million dollars, our (extremely bad) math tells us that the odds of getting this hand are about 1 in about 14,000,000. Please feel free to correct our math in the comments because that seems way off even in casino dollars. There are other hands that pay out less, but those are not as exciting as winning a cool mil. Is the extra dollar worth it? No. Will we play it? Maybe. Will you play it? Below is a video from Caesars with more info that could have you willing to try.

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The odds

It's about 1 in 20 million. As far as sucker bets go it's one of the worst out there, with a whopping 18% house advantage. As always, the more exciting the bet the worse the house odds go!


Wow, and I thought 14 million - 1 was bad. That's awful. Thanks for the assist here!