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The Strip To Get Run Over In December

November 15, 2011 at 7:23 PM | by | ()

Picture runners in shorts and spandex instead of cars. Thousands of 'em.

Consider this a public service announcement for anyone planning to be in Las Vegas the weekend of December 3 and 4. Don't try to drive the Strip or use the wrong crosswalk without looking both ways else risk getting crushed by over 25,000 runners, walkers, sprinters, and crawlers.

The annual Las Vegas marathon usually takes place in the wee hours of the morning while the usual Vegas visitor is still fast asleep or full of enough booze that thousands of numbered runners owning the Boulevard doesn't raise a botoxed eyebrow. For the first time this year, the race starts at 4pm Sunday (5:30pm for the half marathon) meaning runners will not only get an eyeful of Vegas night lights but throngs of onlookers cheering to what will likely be varying degrees. In the past we've dodged drunken revelers who stumbled onto the course from Drai's at 6am, so we can only imagine what the bigger p.m. crowd will bring.

The full and half marathons themselves are already sold out so if you're thinking running down a closed Strip by moonlight sounds amaze, you're out of luck. But you can still rock your high heels and sprint through the Palazzo in the first-ever Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas Stiletto Dash, hosted by Brooke Burke on Saturday. If heels aren't you thang but a Santa suit gets you jolly, the annual Las Vegas Great Santa Run sacks through downtown Saturday night also.

If you miss out on all the running and dressing up, there's still a chance to take the Strip by bike (at your own risk) on New Year's Eve.

Archived Comments:

25k? I wish.

As one of the LV Half-Marathon runners, I have to tell you all that there will actually be nearly 45,000 of us, not 25,000, careening down the Strip on that fateful Sunday night. I've run the early AM race for the past few years, and it's been okay - a few curious onlookers, but for the most part, pretty quiet for the race. I'm a little worried this year's race will become a giant cluster...you know.


Technically, 45K is more than 25K...  ;)

Yowsers, you're right I see now that the cap was 44,000 this year. Last year it was only 25K and they let 28k in.

45,000 is going to be nuts!  Good luck!