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Grazie! The Venezia Tower Now Has WiFi

November 16, 2011 at 12:18 PM | by | ()

We can hardly believe it took this long but the Venezia Tower at the The Venetian has finally equipped all of its 1,000 rooms with wireless internet. Previously, the rooms only allowed ethernet access.

The charge for internet is still a part of the $17 (soon to be $20) resort fee but now you no longer need to be tied to your desk to check your email. And hopefully, since the rooms are fitted with an entirely new WiFi network that the signal here works better than in the Venetian and Palazzo towers.

While the Venezia Tower boasts its own private pool and has the delicious Bouchon restaurant at the foot of the building, the rooms are not open to the general public. These days, they are reserved for their Club Grazie members. Our in-house Club Grazie member found rooms available for this weekend for $339 a night. Hey, big spenders!

Archived Comments:


Always been curious about this tower, but never made my way there and won't be spending $400 (after tax and resort fees) to check it out.


You can get into this tower for cheap by booking on Priceline for $100 and then slipping the clerk $60 at checkin.

That said, the WiFi is horrible. I got it removed from my bill upon checkout due to it not working well. And the clerk at checkout completely agreed.