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And, Just Like That, Another Vegas Resto To Shutter

Where: 3950 Las Vegas Boulevard South [map], 89109
November 18, 2011 at 7:16 PM | by | ()

We hate to be the bearer of bad news twice in one day, but another Vegas restaurant is shutting down the burners.

First spied as a tweet last night by Vegas foodie blogger (foogger? foodger?) John Curtas, a call to Mandalay Bay confirms that the restaurant you haven't been to in a while (if at all) Shanghai Lilly is closing forever tomorrow, November 19.

And, while some tears have been shed for the passing of the other Vegas restaurant, we're meeting this news with a shrug and a meh. The one thing that's really going to make a profound impact to any tourist with an appreciation of the finer things is the possible loss of Shanghai Lilly's wall o' boobs.

A Vegas treasure that even the Neon Museum can't save if it's done away with. Maybe we can talk Mandalay Bay into conducting an auction of its own... hmmm.. how much does a bust go for these days, anyway?

Curtas reports that rumor has it a "well-known Strip chef will be relocating his digs" to the space. A helpful commenter reports that they heard it was Rick Moonen. Makes sense. It's about time the Top Chef Master was rescued from the kiddie table at obscurity of Shoppes at Mandalay Place and took a place alongside the big boys. Let's hope he really is packing up his knives.. and moving on up.

(Photo: jhandelman on Flickr, VegasChatter))

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I should've just shrugged and meh'd but I bought into the Curtas hype in my quest for great Chinese food so I went this weekend before it closed and I regretted not trying it forever.

It was hands down one of the worst meals I've ever had in Vegas.  I wish I'd saved the money and gone to PF Chang's four times.

As for a Moonen move, I like his current location but being closer to his Top Chef buds makes sense too.  If he were to take over the SL spot, they'd have to blow it out to make it more inviting - the current entrance is almost hidden. And prob why so many people always just walked on by.  Or they already knew the food sucked.