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Brunch at First Food And Bar Is First Class

Where: 3325 Las Vegas Blvd South [map], 89109
December 1, 2011 at 4:03 PM | by | ()

We need to fly first class more often if this is on the menu.

First Food and Bar inside the Palazzo has been on our nom nom list for quite awhile, whether for the slutty, wet drinks or the exceptional food itself of both the lighter and heavier variety. Not that we needed one, but brunch is yet another reason to frequent First.

Sunday brunch here is advertised as First Class. And even if the kitchen served up fresh cow patties you wouldn't step in with your crappiest boots, it could still officially claim First Class status. That's because brunch takes on an airline theme where all guests are treated as First Class Passengers and staff dons steward and stewardess uniforms. Fortunately the food is also First Class while free of high fuel charges and pension plans.

Brunch is a la carte but you won't regret not going buffet. The portions aren't grossly bigger than your head but they're sizable entrees. If you're still not quite convinced, consider the $10 bottomless champagne which always seals the deal for us boozebags. The ten bucks includes orange juice but passengers can opt to fancy it up with strawberry (add $7) or peach puree ($8). We recommend sticking to the OJ or better yet straight bubbly.

Prefer a bloodier drink? The Bloody Mary cart is a rolling and strolling wall of hot sauce tableside driven by professionals such as the first class smile above. The bloody's are also ten bucks but unfortunately not unlimited. A Slim Jim or Tabasco will add two dollars while a rim job of Andy Capp Hot fries will set you back a buck. We can't describe First's Bloody as we sought out an old flame after brunch instead, but the service on the free flowing mimosas was so on the ball each time we were empty we were plenty happy.

One of our dining companions went with the Cinnamon Bun French Toast ($17) served with tableside flambe bananas foster, anglaise. Unfortunately, the bananas weren't flambéed tableside but our dc recovered and devoured what he described as delish.

The wide load oversized lemon poppy flapjacks ($19) are served with honey marscapone, white balsamic glaze, and strawberries. These huge flappers tasted just as we hoped: light and fluffy with just the perfect amount of lemon balanced with sweetness.

Sugarfoot's dancing chicken and waffles ($19) served with Wild Turkey American honey maple syrup was both our favorite and least favorite dish of the morning. Our disappointment stemmed from the waffles served cold and bland so that no amount of drowning in Wild Turkey could save them. That fried chicken though was some of juiciest, crispy yet tender lickin' goodness we've ever laid our taste buds into. Two eggs for two bucks can be added on but skip them as they just get in the way of the first class chicken. In fact we'd rather use that two dolla to replace the waffles with a little more leg.

Somehow we found room for dessert (funny how booze does that) and dove into the double down dirt cake ($14): a chocolate "flower pot" with Oreo whipped cream, chocolate pudding, and gummi worms crawling from the culinary carnage. An odd combination of flavors indeed right down to the dirt (crushed oreos) that strangely worked well together. The choco-pot feeds two to four so we definitely don't recommend treading into this wickedly good garden lightly.

Our brunch crew left our first class flight full and satisfied. First Food is now firmly entrenched in our bottomless champagne brunch rotation. You can self-check into brunch every Sunday from 11am to 4pm. But don't blame us if you become frequent flyers.

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