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Beer, McFast, at McFaddens

November 4, 2011 at 4:43 PM | by | ()

Editor's Note: McFadden's closed on Sunday, December 4, 2011.

We were at McFadden's Pub and Saloon at Rio the other day to meet up with some friends when we came across a table with its own beer taps on it. We read about this last year, but have not come across the actual technology until now. The taps work almost like putting gasoline in your car. You start a tab and are given a magnetic RFID button that will turn your taps on. You are charged by the amount of beer that is poured when you close the tab. This allows you to have a fresh beer whenever you want.

We like a nice cold beer and we tend to order small sized beers which are priced a little more than monster-sized beers by the ounce. Because we like our beer to be cold and fresh we'll spend a little more so that our beer doesn't get warm before we get to the bottom. This system would allow us to always have a perfectly cold and fresh Blue Moon next time we're at McFaddens. Blue Moon is best served with a slice of orange so we have to assume that they will just leave us a plate of oranges, which can become dangerous projectiles the more we drink. Consider this a warning.

Having our own taps would also cut down on waiting for a waitress to come by to see if we want another beer. After waiting far too long for a beer at Ri Ra Irish Pub we kind of wish that we had the option of sitting at this kind of table. That being said, we love the potential for sitting at this table on a busy night.

Unfortunately, McFaddens only has one of these nifty table top beer tables and it was occupied when we arrived. We are pretty easily amused and would love to play with those taps. This is the kind of toy that would make us drink a certain type of beer more than another.

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