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Where We Like To Get Naked In Vegas

Where: 3730 Las Vegas Boulevard South [map], 89158
January 6, 2012 at 12:13 PM | by | ()

There are times in Vegas when you have to take off all your clothes and just get loose (under the hands of a masseuse), sink to new depths (in warm bubbly whirlpools) and reveal a whole new side of yourself (after a glowing scrub).

When it comes to spahh-ing in Vegas our favorite place to get naked is The Spa at Aria. Sure, there are newer spas (Sahra at The Cosmo, Glow at Trop) and more luxe spas (The Spa at Wynn), but since we haven't yet dipped our toes in those waters our heart still belongs to Aria.

First, we had the most amazing facial of our life there -- The Advanced Hydrafacial. So good that we continue to rave about it more than a year after the fact. It was a multi-step service that involved a lot of applying, removing, zapping, poking and some wincing, or, for those more well-versed in the art of spa, the use of liquid exfoliants, antioxidants, microdermabrasion, and LED light therapy. A 50-minute service where we weren't so much concerned with keeping up with our technician's gentle explanations than we were with how amazing our skin felt when it was over. Dewy, soft, glowing. And, where the sheen of the many other facials we've experienced wore off pretty much the next day, this one was visibly noticeable almost a full week afterwards.

At $250 for 50 minutes, this treatment isn't for the light of wallet, though. But, if you have $30 you can have the next best thing -- full access to the spa itself via a day pass. The public spaces of Aria's spa really shine as well as our service, mainly because there are so many of them and also because they are almost entirely co-ed. There's a comfy lounge with a huge fireplace (we know, a fireplace in a desert, but it works), a huge workout room with views of the pool and another not-so-relaxing co-ed lounge on the second floor (yes, we said second floor).

Our absolute favorite areas, though, are the Shio room (pictured above and featuring walls lined with glowing bricks of salt for improved respiration and clearer skin), the Ganbanyoku room (with heated stone beds that sound extremely uncomfortably but did wonders for our tense back) and, the creme de la creme, an outdoor co-ed infinity pool on the balcony (for which we'll forgive the occasional sounds of the nearby freeway for the humorous bird's eye view of Liquid antics in the summertime). You'll find them all on the second floor as well.

And, of course, there are the standard whirlpools, saunas and steam rooms, too, but those are for same sex only. Perhaps, that's what the jacuzzi in your room is for, though.

The Spa at Aria is open daily, 5:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. Non-guests are welcome but may find it difficult to gain access on Fridays and Saturdays when more space is reserved for the hotel's own guests. For reservations or more information, dial 877.312.2742. The real value with the day pass is that you can enjoy all of these areas as much as you want for a full day, from open to close. Leaving and returning, at will.

(Photo: LBC-Construction.com, Aria)

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We Uptight...

Americans.  What is the big deal about spa'ing in the nude?  I always do on cruise ships in the unisex steam-rooms, at the co-ed, "textiles verboten" public baths in Germany (our version of the community pool), and in Vegas hotels with their unisex spas and hot-tubs (how come no co-ed hot tubs inside the spas in Vegas??).  

I just read an article in the RJ a few ago about a man convicted in Arizona for skinny-dipping in Lake Havasu.

WTF is wrong with Americans that we are so uptight about nudity (not that I'm a raving nudist--just talking about in the proper setting) that an article such as this one makes such a big deal of getting naked spa services?


I didn't think I was making a big deal about getting naked so sorry if it came across that way. Just saying that I liked the spa.

Re: getting into the same tub as the opposite sex in Vegas... sometimes I don't even want to get into the tub with some of the same sex peeps I see in Vegas. ;)


Did the spa thing at Aria on my December trip and LOVED it.  It was my first time visiting a spa in Vegas and I was impressed.  I'll def. be doing it again on future visits.

The hot stone bids = WIN.