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Caesars Lowers Comps For Poker Players

December 1, 2011 at 2:07 PM | by | ()

While we are still casino poker virgins, we are always curious about casino comps and we just learned that beginning November 1 Caesars Entertainment lowered comps made available to poker players in Las Vegas.

Some will call the timing strange as Caesars did this just before the World Series of Poker (WSOP) kicked off the November Nine. Cynics will say that Caesars lowered the rate to minimize the comp damage from those poker players in town for the final table. The answer probably lies in the middle. Regardless, poker players at Caesars properties in Las Vegas won't be seeing much in the way of comps moving forward.

From what we can tell (we're not totally up on our casino poker lingo, forgive us), all games in Vegas will now receive between 24 and 28 tier credits (these count towards Total Rewards tiers Platinum, Diamond, Seven Stars) per hour of poker played. The same play in the Midwest, for example, may give double the comps than Vegas. Reward credits (comp dollars) are now .50 for $1/$2 No Limit players and increase as you play $2/$5 No Limit games. Here's a small breakdown we received:

$2/$4 Limit Hold Em - 8 tier credits per hour, .50 per hour comp

$3/$6 Limit Hold Em - 17 tier credits per hour, $1 per hour comp

$1/2 No Limit Hold Em - 17 tier credits per hour, $1 per hour comp

$1/$3 No Limit Hold Em - 26 tier credits per hour,$1.50 per hour comp

Most poker players we know don't play the game for the comps, but it's always nice to earn enough comps to buy dinner after putting in a six-hour session. We don't really hear of any Caesars properties as great poker houses and only know people that play at their properties during the WSOP. In addition to lowering comps to poker players, Caesars has always had a higher rake (commission fee taken by a cardroom holding game) than other Vegas properties. Having said all this, we can't imagine many serious poker players playing at Caesars properties.

At some point one has to wonder if continuing to lower payouts and comps (like 6:5 blackjack and horrible video poker payables) will come back to bite Caesars in the behind by alienating gamblers that care about their money.

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