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We Don't Want To Smell Like An Old Lady (Not That There's Anything Wrong With That)

December 21, 2011 at 4:33 PM | by | ()

It wasn't until our first stay at Mandalay Bay that we noticed bathroom amenities at a hotel. Mandalay Bay had this awesome oatmeal soap that we loved in so many ways. It made us feel so fresh and clean in ways that the soap we used at home didn't make us feel. That was an awakening for us to different kinds of soap and, ever since then, we've noticed the toiletries offered at different hotels.

Usually the toiletries are quite mundane and don't encourage a strong feeling either way from us. That changed last week. While staying at Palazzo we encountered one of the most obnoxious toiletries we've ever had. Their "Paiza" body lotion didn't really moisturize our skin, which we could have ignored, but the lotion smelled like something a grandmother would order from Avon to wear. (Sorry, grandmothers who are wearing Avon who may be reading this story.) We were borderline offended by Palazzo's offering. We may not be the exact demographic that the Palazzo is aiming for, but the scent was so extreme that is was extremely off-putting.

Things turned for the better when our stay moved to The Cosmopolitan. Their peppermint- and lavender-scented toiletries from Bigelow were extremely refreshing. Have you found any extremely awesome or horrible toiletries offered by hotels in Vegas?

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Jennifer G. on Facebook

"‎The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas has the best by far! You even get lip balm if I remember correctly..."

Sherrie S. on Facebook

"Totally agree with the new lotions at Palazzo/Venetian. YUK! One whiff and I almost gagged. I can't imagine why they got rid of what used to be the best (lemon/verbena) scent."

Ralph B. on Facebook

"the Venetian has the best amenities by far!!!"

Karen L.K. on Facebook

"The Silverton has the best toiletries & the nicest beds and linens! We have a time share @ Planet Hollywood Towers & I am saying this! I told PH this as well...."

lip balm

I didn't notice any when I was @ Cosmo this week, but I can always use that with the dry air out here!


I LOVE the Mirage lotions/shampoo/etc.  It's a coconut lime verbena-esque.

My favorites

One of the fun things about Vegas hotel stays has always been the toiletries they offer.  Mirage and Treasure Island easily had my two favorites, but both have replaced them.  Mirage had AquaLime, a strightforward lime fragrance which was replaced with Basil Limon that is a more feminine scent.  Full size bottles and soaps of Aqualime are still available at Impulse gift shop, and the clerks have told me that guests prefer the older scent and they still sell lots of it.  T.I. had WET products, named after their former WET SPA which is now OKSANA.  WET had an amazing clean fragrance that appealed to both men and women, although the shampoo and shower gel lacked in lathering ability.  I stocked up on room-size from the maids and full bottles from the spa before they sold out, and still enjoy both at home.  Of the current offerings, my favorite is the almond-scented toiletries that Boyd hotels use in the Fremont and others downtown.

lip balm @ cosmo

i can confirm from the four rooms we had at the cosmo this week that it appears the lip balm has been pulled.

usually i never use the stuff, but actually stock up on it and use it on my other travels...my wife even surprised me with a travel pouch of the stuff for Christmas.


I don't recall which of the two Mirage scents I had, but I remember liking it. Was probably the AquaLime because I don't like to smell too feminine :)