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Merry Christmas, The Trop Raises Its Resort Fee!

December 23, 2011 at 2:07 PM | by | ()

Capping off a year that started out pretty good for the Tropicana but is ending just so-so, comes news that the Trop has raised their resort fee from $9.99 to $14.99 and which now includes the use of the fitness center inside the hotel's new Glow spa.

Hmm. That's a hefty raise from $9.99 just to include fitness center access. But c'est la vie en Las Vegas where resort fees are found nearly everywhere (except at Caesars hotels, of course. They can't let us forget!)

Speaking of resort fee changes, we should remind you that starting in 2012, The Venetian and The Palazzo are upping theirs to $20 a night. Now, anyone else have any resort fees news we should know about? Let's just get it all out before we break for Christmas, mmkay?

Archived Comments:

From Andrew M. on Facebook

"No worries, just pop a message on their facebook page and they will remove the resort fee entirely from your stay in most cases. Also, did you know that Treasure Island now waves the resort fee for invited guests? (even cheapo's like me!)."

From Jason Clark on Facebook

"I must be the ONLY person to be cool about resort fees. Here is why. I used to live in Vegas, whenever I go back to visit my friends, I prefer to stay at a hotel. Usually cell service SUCKS. I also bring my laptop. A resort fee includes internet (usually $14.99/day) and local calls ($1-$1.50 a pop). If I stayed at Caesars, I'd have to pray my cell got a decent signal. I will admit, there is a line that shouldn't be crossed, and $20/night is my max before I would feel turned off."

From Steve J. on Facebook

"Those mlife resorts need to waive those fees too!"

Even higher now

They even raised the resort fee to 19.99$ now!  UNBELIEVABLE!