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Electronic Craps Now at Bellagio

December 6, 2011 at 3:04 PM | by | ()

Sometimes we pay attention to our surroundings and sometimes we don't. When our friends were in Vegas a couple weeks, ago they stayed at Bellagio so we spent a good amount of time hanging, drinking and gambling there. The only things we noticed that was different was that there is quite a bit of construction happening. We totally missed a game we'd play - electronic craps.

It has the low-limits bells and whistles we crave along with the craps game play we love. We have to thank super-reader binciong for the tip and video below.

We've only seen electronic craps at Native American casinos before so it was a little surprising to hear that this game is available at Bellagio.

We also learned that this game is available at a host of other MGM Resorts casinos. Limits for electronic craps are as low as $2 but there is only a max of 2 times odds on those bets (Source: Vegas Message Board) so this doesn't have the edge we like. However, while the odds aren't on par with the 100x odds at Casino Royale, we'd drop a bill into this machine for the fun of it. We probably wouldn't play a lot, but enough to have some fun. We'll be sure to look for this game next time we're at Bellagio.

Archived Comments:


I've seen this at a few casinos in Vegas now ... and never seen an open seat.


I must be blind or oblivious. Maybe focused...yeah...focused. :)


Well they are just so small and are full and usually have a crowd gathered around so they are easy to miss.  I've wanted to play but can't get a spot ... then again, not sure how I feel about losing my money to some fuzzy dice either??

Play this game?

Ugh..why?  NOTHING beats live-craps.  I have settled for this stupid game at CA casinos and it sucks.  The whole point of craps is to have the dice in your hands and "control" your own destiny.  Might as well play slots.


from what I've read and commends here it seems like it's just a cheap way to gamble, no different than playing penny slots.

Nothing beats real craps, but @ $2 per roll for a machine vs. $25 per roll for most Bellagio tables, you can see why people would play this.


Thanks for sharing this tutorial.