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Blake Shelton's Tweets About Being Drunk in Vegas Fall Flat

December 6, 2011 at 6:58 PM | by | ()

Who is Blake Shelton? Well, most of America probably knows him as one of the judges on that singing show, "The Voice." But he's also a working country singer who's married to cute-as-pie fellow country crooner Miranda Lambert. And now after reading some of his tweets from Vegas, he shall be known as just another annoying drunk dude.

A few days ago, Blake and every other country singer on earth was in town for the American Country Awards which happened at the MGM Grand Arena. So Blake took the opportunity to get rip-roaring drunk and tweet about how drunk he was. How original!

The first tweet out to his 803,259 Twitter followers was this:

I'm so drunk right now I just walked in to a Vegas hotel and shouted "You all look like hookers so who wants the job?!!"

Groan. That's so bad, it's not even offensive! It's just silly. He then followed that up with:

Im already so drunk in Vegas I just whispered "Take this money and buy us a drink after you show me them boobs" to an old man at the urinal

Whoa. But he didn't end there. After retweeting and replying to some fans, he then wrote:

I'm so hungover right now I just called room service demanding "Bring me a cot of poffee cause burning pee dont rhyme! And make it slappy!"

*VegasChatter throws up hands, walks away from desk, pours a drink of whisky. Stews for a minute.

We're big fans of getting drunk in Vegas and we're even down with folks who drunk tweet from Vegas (especially Twitpics!) But these awful tweets make us feel as if we're right there in the casino with a boisterous drunk guy who drank a souvenir yard drink on an empty stomach just as jetlag is settling in. Yeah, he's standing right next to the drunk girl in the too short skirt with her shoes off.

Yet given that a bunch of his fans retweeted his "Vegas observations", we guess some people find him funny. Blake, if you're interested there's now a job open for you at The Tropicana! In the meantime, thanks for enabling us to start the very-much needed Drunk Dudes tag here.

Oh and speaking of Drunk Dudes, another country singer, John Rich, was kicked off a Southwest flight from Vegas to Nashville for being too drunk. Sadly, he did not tweet about it.

Archived Comments:


I actually never heard of him before 'The Voice,' started following him after watching the show and stopped following him on Twitter shortly thereafter. Somebody needs a ghost tweeter.

Eh .......

Blake who ?


I'm from the South originally so I know who he is... but #1) you really should be very drunk to say those things to people and #2) when I'm that drunk I can't even figure out how to spell all my words correctly much less appropriately use quotation marks so my guess he was just trying to get attention by being dumb.  I suppose it worked...

I mean he even included ending punctuation INSIDE the quotation marks... most sober people don't even know that's the proper formatting!

The only thing worse than an obnoxious drunk is an obnoxious drunk poser!!!!!!!!


@tweakes: "The only thing worse than an obnoxious drunk is an obnoxious drunk poser!!!!!!!! "

I thought maybe Blake was posing it too. It seemed too "try hard" but maybe he is just that stoopid.