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A Grand Rumor Wrap At MGM

Where: 3799 Las Vegas Boulevard S. [map], 89109
December 9, 2011 at 12:11 PM | by | ()

As we recently exclusively reported, the MGM Grand is undergoing a series of Nip/Tucks to the property that spreads from up in the rooms down to the gaming floor. There's even a website devoted to keeping MGM fans up to date on the Grand Renovations. Grand idea, but given that it still looks like a community bulletin board of general announcements rather than actual construction pics and updates, we're not any fonder of the site today than we were when it first launched.

Of course if the reno-website was up to snuff, we couldn't attempt to do a better job of keeping you up to date. We've covered the room updates but have been curious as to how the gaming experience might change. Will everyone's favorite Sigma Derby survive the overhaul? We don't know but let's go over other rumors, both confirmed and unconfirmed.

Poker Room
The MGM poker room has been dealing cards in a temporary location for a few weeks, mostly due to the cowboys taking over the old space for now. As you can see from the pic up top, the temp room isn't actually a room but sits on the gaming floor near the lion habitat. The tables will fold back to their permanent home after the rodeo rides out of town next week but the rumor mill wonders whether 2012 calls for a move back to the current floor location.

Rainforest Cafe
Posters in this AllVegasPoker thread discuss rumors Rainforest Cafe's closure. Can't say that would surprise us. While we enjoy soaking in the wilderness when coming down the nearby escalator, we've never eaten at this location and by the looks of it when we pass, not many of you have either.

Lion Habitat
Word has been circulating that MGM will be putting the lion habitat down. We've heard it as has VC reader UTE. One AVP poster says a dealer chatted about MGM wanting to remove the family attraction to go more adult with party pits and go-go dancers. Guess there aren't enough of those already around the city? We hope this rumor isn't true. Not only would the MGM would have to ditch these renovation ads but where we would we go to wonder whether the lions are sleeping or attacking? Where will parents drop the kids for hours on end while they sit under the roar of the slot machine? We're kidding on that last question: kids, don't leave your parents at the slot machine.

We're not keen on losing the lion habitat. MGM is one of the only Strip casinos kids and adults both can enjoy without it feeling like a Circus. If that's the corporate directive though, our guess is the always empty basement arcade is where Brad Garrett moves the laughs come next year.

Don't forget that the ball drops on Studio 54 in January, reportedly for a bigger and better club. Since smaller and sh*ttier doesn't sound as snappy.

What other MGM Grand rumors have you heard? What changes (or non-changes) would you like to see? Let us know!

[Photo: MGM Grand Poker]

Archived Comments:

Poker Room

That "Poker Room" still looks better than what's at Planet Hollywood. Haha

Racy Rumors

Here's what ol' Robin has been reporting of late:

..."I've already reported that the new nightclub (referring to Studio 54) will be four stories with a swimming pool complex. I've also revealed that the lion den exhibit will exit, Pink Elephant nightclub will be added to the Crazy Horse Paris jewel box theater, Tabu and Rouge will receive makeovers, and a new tattoo parlor will be added to the Walk of Fame."

No official word from MGM Grand on any of this. And, a tattoo parlor? No. NO.

Lions and Tigers and...

Well, here's to hoping the Lion Habitat closure rumors are false, my friends.  MGM is officially maintaining silence on the issue (and doing a bang up job at it).  

A good job bringing the various rumors together in one place, Mr Pappagiorgio.