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Stop, Drop, And Roll: Rammstein's Coming To Vegas

Where: 4505 South Maryland Parkway [map], 89119
February 18, 2011 at 12:00 PM | by | ()

Hey, how did Jeff and Matt Hardy slip into that photo?

Batten down the hatches and set yourself to ramming speed. German rock/metal band Rammstein has just announced its first U.S. tour in ten years. For many music fans around the world this is huge news (and a shout out to reader Jon for the tip).

We were introduced to them a few years ago by a European friend but hadnít heard much of them in the States since. Given their decade long American hiatus that starts to make some sense. That and most of their songs are in German. Which we donít understand a lick of but we still managed a few head-bangs anyway.

Rammstein played to a sold out Madison Square Garden in December. Thatís right: sold out. And has now added nine U.S. dates in May ending at Thomas and Mack in Las Vegas May 21.

The bandís huge following is somewhat due to their live shows. A Rammstein ticket is just as much about the visual performance as the musical. Their MSG concert included flame throwers, exploding babies, burning men running around stage, squirting phallic symbols, moving walkways, and more. Check out several videos from the MSG show in the privacy of your own home to decide if you can afford to miss out.

During the 1998 American Family Values tour with Ice Cube, Limp Bizkit, Korn, and Orgy, the band was arrested for onstage indecency which is pretty much the pinnacle all great bands aspire to. We can only imagine what they may attempt in front of a Vegas crowd.

Tickets start at $72.50 and go on sale February 26th through UNLVTickets. The full North American schedule includes stops in Canada, Chicago, and Los Angeles. But we expect a huge Rammstein following to converge in Vegas for nothing less than a spectacular U.S. finale.

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Archived Comments:

I'll never forget

when I met Rammstein. In their thick German accents with dry humor they said to the 10 person meet and greet "First vee meet, zen vee greet." It was awesome.

They put on a great show and are well worth the experience!

Needless to say...

Well I'm going to this show for sure.  What better excuse to go to Vegas, like I need an excuse at all.

Rammstein show will ruin you !

Flew from northern Nevada to the NYC show in December. Hands down the best concert I have ever seen in my life. The light and sound production was at such a high level that it was unreal, and lets not forget the pyro! My God, you can feel the heat all the way to the rafters. If you like hard rock at all, DO NOT ever miss a Rammstein show, it will change your life or at least the way you view a live show again. Seriousely, they are that F'ing good. Vegas, oh yeah, I'll be there.

I was at the NYC show as well

Good news Sierragun.  They only had a toned down version of the show for the Madison Square Gardens show.  It was due to the one off nature of the event and the ability of MSG to handle the pyrotechnics.  I haven't heard for sure yet, but the rumor is that the upcoming tour will be the full blown show.  So instead of 12 tractor trailers of equipment it would be about 20.  

R U Serious?

There is even more we could see? My God, how many visual orgasms can a person have in one night?

It's on now!

I got my tickets pretty quickly.  The show isn't sold out yet, but the GA/Floor seats are gone.  I was able to pull some of those down.  Hope all the other fans here were as lucky.


Congrats, enjoy the show!  The rest of the seats will surely go fast.


theduke282: If you snag any pics during the concert, we'd love to see them! Send them to us at tips@vegaschatter.com.

@702Becca & Pappagiorgio

Thanks.  I'll be taking some pictures during the show as best I can and send the better ones your way afterwards.

From Tourist Town to Tourist Town

I am traveling from Orlando for the show.

The were some closer shows, but what a great reason to go Vegas.  


My coworkers and friends are tired of hearing about it so I just wanted to say it again here...This show is going to be epic!  

Now if I can just get my friends to stop bailing out on me.  Already had to sell two of my four tickets because of an unexpected lack of interest.  

Rammstein+Vegas=Stories no one will ever hear

!!! Yay !!!

We have a facebook page for this also... if'n we folks are wanting to meet up and party, etc.