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The Love is not Just for Locals

February 24, 2011 at 2:25 PM | by | ()

We recently rambled into our favorite Station Casino, Red Rock Resort, to grab some dinner the other night. As soon as we entered we saw the fruits of their recent hiring spree as there were multiple greeters at the door that answered every question asked of them. "Where's the nearest restroom", "Where's this restaurant", "Where's this slot machine." This goes beyond their We Love Locals campaign.

While we dig the We Love Locals campaign, we just like going to a casino where we can get good service with polite and informative people on staff. This is something that seems to be shunned in Las Vegas over the past couple years. It's not gone, but it doesn't seem as if top notch service is everywhere we turn like it used to be. Perhaps we're getting older and perhaps the companies are focusing their attention to people looking for night clubs.

But we digress, good service is open to anyone visiting a Station Casino as are -- fresh cupcakes and cookies -- which were being offered to anyone that was gambling.

We only took Red Rock up on a cookie, which was hot, soft and gooey. We rarely say no to sweets and it's needless to say we enjoyed the cookies as an appetizer to dinner.

Of course nothing is free in a casino. The "free" sweets are provided in hopes of keeping us gambling longer. We get this and will take the sweets knowing this. Bottom line, though, the efforts at Red Rock Resort are for anyone who visits and not just locals. It's a beautiful casino and well worth the trip from The Strip.

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Archived Comments:

And cheesecake

They had cheesecake bites too!


If you said cheesesteak, I would head there NOW! Haha.

Red Rock....it's not just for Bowling.

Agreed, the Red Rock is worth the drive.

I usually pick up the 215 south of the airport to get there - it seems easier than taking W Charleston (but may not be any quicker).

The tables are $5 or $10 minimum and they're friendly even to us 'out-of-towners' from the UK (although as usual, they still think we're Australians...).

Check out the Onyx bar - great for a cocktail or three and usually not that busy.

@Lord Lucan

I'll have to check out Onyx bar next time. Maybe I can turn on the NY accent for some extra love. Haha.