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Sweet Suite Designs At El Cortez Revealed

Where: 600 East Fremont Street [map], 89101
February 4, 2011 at 4:35 PM | by | ()

The big winner, the Big Sleep. Don't go for a ride with Big Joey here.

Last summer, El Cortez announced a a very cool contest for Nevada design firms to make over their Tower Room suites. After months of designing, purchasing, and nailing the perfect angle for that corner knickknack, the four finalists unveiled their babies last night.

The quick and dirty summary of the rules were that no structural changes could be made to the room and each designer had to work with a $22,000 budget. We were told a normal ceiling for this type of work would be in the $40K range, so the contest was certainly a challenge for everyone.

The winning designer will makeover additional Tower suites, while the three runner-up rooms will remain available for guest stays. All four designs were over-the-top amazing and we lobbied to make our reservations on the spot.

Watch El Cortez Executive Manager Alexandra Epstein describe the four suites and announce the winner below:

The winning suite “The Big Sleep” took over room 1000 and hints at the hotel’s mobster past (Bugsy Siegel used to own the joint, as the commercials say). The wall-length desert mural where secrets are buried caught everyone's eye as well as the prickly floor lamp:

We were more interested in the jacuzzis each room had, but word on the street was the bathroom put The Big Sleep over the pillow top in a tough photo finish:

Our pictures don't do it justice but the “Rec Room” in suite 200 was our personal fav boasting its Vintage Vegas theme and throwback wood paneling:

We’ll admit the old school bar furnished with Bud just inside the suite entrance likely swayed our vote a little:

The “El Contempo Suite” turned suite 1100 into a white leather, gold, and charcoal grey playground:

We totally pictured swinging a banana hammock through that gold curtain onto the grey shag rug shouting Austin Power-isms:

The fourth room, 1200, was named the Hint Suite and portrayed a contemporary luxury theme. This room was the most divided of the four with that solid wall separating the bed. Opinion seemed to be split on the division but we were turned on by the colors and styling of the room:

as well as goodnight kisses from the Marilyn trio:

The competition was without a doubt stiff but fun; we’ve re-ordered our own rankings about a dozen times but would spend a night in any of the four. Check out the LV Sun’s 360 degree panoramas of each suite. Which fancy suite would you want to book first? Let us know!

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how much are they? reconsidering my rumor bday suite now. i'm fickle

Releasing the Suites

I couldn't get a confirm on when the suites would be released for public consumption or the rates. I'll update as soon as I can find out though.

For comparison, the EC Cabana Suites, (which are amaze!) were running for $50 (JR. suite) and $80 (super suite) last night.


i don't want a cabana suite for my bday though. i want something exceptional.
i will stick to the rumor.

El Cortez Design Suites

Talk to John the Hotel Manager. He seems to make the process of booking a suite from the 'Design-A-Suite' much easier. They are available now and if you book from Sunday thru Thurs, you qualify for the food comp and play credit. The prices on the weekday are $170 & $220 on the weekends.