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Almost Two Months In, How Does The Cosmopolitan Rate?

Where: 3708 Las Vegas Boulevard South [map], 89109
February 9, 2011 at 4:58 PM | by | ()

Despite a few bumps, our love affair with The Cosmopolitan is still going strong. But now, we're getting to that point when we start asking friends (and sometimes complete strangers) what they think of our affaire de cœur. Should we be thinking 'keeper'? Should we keep our options open? Maybe explore our feelings for others?

Those burning questions coupled with a case of insomnia, had us heading to TripAdvisor to see what our fellow travelers think of The Cosmo. We decided to focus on the first four reviews, as of last night at least. And, yes, perhaps not the most scientific of surveys, but a good glimpse none the less.

The first headline? "Want To Like But Horrible Stay." Ok, dose of reality right off the bat. We can handle it. TripAdvisor user Marbs978 took issue with a "super unfriendly" reception, room service goof-up (and subsequent mess-up), a non-working phone, down WiFi and "was walked in upon while visible in shower." Ok, that we can't handle.

Next up, KIWIBOYCalgary who from their headline - "Great rooms, great location, great views, great sleep" - had a great stay. Front desk staff were noted to be "polite and friendly" and that "rooms were great with fantastic views."

The third review came from cparks2811 of Brainerd, Minnesota who had nothing but praise under a headline of "Best views of the strip, technology galore!" Awesome, another mark in the plus category...

quickly followed by one in the negative after we read the fourth and final headline, "Great Room & Location, Poor Service."

Unfortunately, steph2011_11 reported another bad experience at check-in with "attitude" over a room that still wasn't ready despite it being 3 p.m. After trying "to take naps on the couches near one of the lounges" while killing three hours, the San Diego resident stated that staff eventually "found us a room that was clean and it was an upgrade from the room we reserved."

Much better than saying it with flowers, although - come to think of it - flowers delivered to the room would have been nice, too. But, that's just us. Especially upon further reading Steph's experience:

"the 3/4 bathroom had not been cleaned - there was a sucked out lime in the sink and beverages on the counter. But we were fine with that; we just didn't use that bathroom...

I understand it's new and might need some time to adjust, but it's really unacceptable that people can't get into a room until 7pm. And we weren't the only ones waiting - the lobby was full of unhappy and angry people, some of whom had been waiting since 10 or 11am for a room and still didn't have one by 6:30p."

Oh, boy. But, right in line with our stay experience at The Cosmo (as related here on HotelChatter) from the wait for our room to WiFi being down and sub-par service. Still there's just something about The Cosmo that calls to us and we hope that these - what we can still call at this point - "opening hiccups" will soon be silenced.

As we wait and see, what do you think? Have you stayed at The Cosmo yet? Will you? Why or why not? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Archived Comments:

Not Yet

Thanks for the Cosmo revisit. We are dying to stay at Cosmo, but at this time there are still too many negative reviews for us to feel comfortable. We are staying at the Vdara next time but will be scoping out the Cosmo for a future stay. Hopefully by that time we will see some better reviews!

Love to drink and game here, but...

I'll sleep elsewhere.  :)

I won't now....

I was going to do my best to stay for my visit in May (with daughter breaking her Vegas cherry so it would have been two rooms).  But after this article and the TripAdvisor reviews...will not be staying here!

Too bad for them (and me, I really wanted to like them).  "Unliked" from Facebook. No such thing as "opening jitters."  In hospitality everything must function 100% at opening.

Can't recommend it highly enough

Stayed at Cosmo January 24-26.  A gorgeous 1-BR Terrace, Premium view.  An amazing place, perhaps one that has spoiled me for every other property in Vegas.

I showed up at 11:30 and got into my room immediately.  Staff were marvelous and friendly, room was gorgeous, and the terrace view is unlike anything else in town.  Room service was quick, room was quiet, bed super comfy.

Don't rely on TripAdvisor reviews for the Cosmo or anywhere else.  A higher percentage of people will post a review when they have a poor experience instead of a solid experience.  Reviews on the TA forums have been generally more positive on Cosmo.

I'd stay at Cosmo again in a heartbeat, and in fact may not stay anywhere else.


Thanks for all the great comments, everyone!

Infatuation Inducing

Haven't stayed there yet, but I share your feelings about the Cosmo. It's just got something--can't totally put my finger on it. It's sexy. It's different. It's got that awesome chandelier.... Yes, I would definitely stay there.

Still Interested

I haven't stayed here yet, but so far nothing I've seen has been that bad - all of the mega-hotels periodically have issues with housekeeping.

I will definitely stay here the next time I'm in Vegas.