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8 Dudes In Vegas: Where To Stay?

March 28, 2011 at 8:22 PM | by | ()

Apparently, finding the best place to stay for three dudes in Vegas who wanted one room, but no snuggling wasn't a big enough challenge. No, VegasChatter reader Stan W. felt we needed a go big or go home dare - where should 8 dudes in Vegas stay?

Stan's head was whirling from all the choices up and down The Strip from two-bedroom suites here to three bedroom villas there. Would one suffice, two, more? And, the kicker? He and his posse were coming in over the Memorial Day holiday weekend and had a budget they wanted to keep, too.

We have no idea what our best option is, as many of us have never been to Vegas before. We're in our mid 20's and nobody is afraid to sleep on a sofa or double up in a bed (unless someone finds a lady of the night of course)."

So, where should they stay? The gents already had a good grasp of the overwhelming amount of options out there as they reeled off a list of possibilities including a hospitality suite at Vdara to a two-bedroom suite at The Palms. One thing was clear, tho - this wolf pack of Vegas virgins wanted a luxe experience.

Keeping in mind that these fellas wanted to shack up in Vegas for three nights, over a major holiday, at $4,800 or less, here are our top three suggestions. Weigh in with yours in the comments below!

1. The Cosmopolitan

You can't have a hot Vegas vacay without one or multiple visits to The Cosmopolitan so why not just make it your home base?

The only problem is that the really cool rooms have balconies, but only king beds and hardly any with pull-outs. We know that this group is willing to couch sleep, but we suggest, perhaps, booking three City Rooms - with two queens each, but no terrace - and splurging on one party-til-you-can't-hang-anymore Terrace Suite. In this scenario, two guys will wake up to a scene straight out of "The Hangover" every morning, but the views will be epic. A stay here will also put you just an elevator ride away from some of the hottest restos, nightlife and pool scenes in Vegas.

Price: 3 City Rooms for 3 nights @ $2,790 + 1 Terrace Suite for three nights @ $1,405 = $4,195

2. Encore

Encore's Panoramic Suites will place you in the epicenter of another Vegas hotspot - just steps away from XS nightclub and Encore Beach Club - while still living the posh life.

At 745 square feet, the rooms have two queen beds each offering fab city views - just make sure you say you want a view of The Strip and not Downtown Vegas. Something else that makes Encore ideal? It's right across the street from Venetian/Palazzo putting you a short walk away from such venues as TAO, TAO Beach and Azure Pool. And, The Mirage is just a bit further down the boulevard.

Price: 4 Panoramic Suites for three nights = $4,988. *We did go $188 over, but lose the view and get four Resort Suites for $4,748.


We're probably going to catch some flack with this one, but the standard Deluxe Rooms at ARIA - while not supersized - are super luxe and super techy with remote-controlled almost everything and one of the most comfy beds we've ever passed out in. And, we'd for sure take it any night over some other suites here in town. If you fork over a few more dollars for a room with a view, it's even better.

ARIA will put you right next door to the red-hot Cosmo, which is right next to Bellagio and right across from Planet Hollywood and Paris. Also, ARIA's pool is enormous and boasts an adults-only pool club, too.

Price: 4 Deluxe City View rooms for three nights = $3,268

Out of the list Stan provided, we're going to suggest not going with The Signature at MGM Grand and Vdara (too far from the action) and Bellagio (there are better rooms out there right now). The Hard Rock is out, too. A room rez rep says all the penthouse suites are sold out for Memorial Day weekend, including the one we thought would have been perf, if the price fit - the HRH Provocateur Suite which sleeps eight.

The specialty suites of The Palms might have worked, too, like the expansive Real World Suite, but the price tag left them on the cutting room floor with the cheapest at $2,500 for a single night and the RW Suite at $10,000. A Two-Bedroom Suite at Palms Place would have been ideal, too, sleeping up to eight, but it priced out at $5,700 for all three nights.

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Archived Comments:


Fucking Bill's dude.


i don't know how the price would work but the wraparound suites at cosmo would comfortably sleep 5 - 2 in the bed, 2 on the huge sofa (2 sided), 1 on the chaise longue. and there's also a chair with a footrest on the balcony that i passed out on during my stay, so that's easily sleepable on, which makes 6. and there's def enough room to fit two more on the floor if they really wanted to shack up together. two bathrooms too!

Good Place to Stay

The platinum hotel has big 2 bedroom condo style rooms at 2200 sf at a very reasonable price yeah they aren't exactly on the strip but they are behind Ballys so you are close the Monorail etc. Enjoyed my stay when I was there and there is a full kitchen and fridge so it's nice to stock up on goodies for the weekend. Have Fun...


 I am w/juliab with an added touch.

 Do a corner terrace suite and add a connecting room, makes it a huge 2 bedroom suite. Two to a bed and plenty of couches to sleep on. Heck Ron Jeremy fell asleep on one after a full night of AVN AfterParties.
Can't beat the location and all for $3840 plus all them nasty taxes.


oooh justparties! you've cracked it! brilliant idea.
i did a ron jeremy and slept on the seat outside on the balcony as well as the sofa during my stay, and i can confirm they're both comfy and sleepable.

agreed with vegasgrrrl, for something cheaper, platinum is nice. also, i rather like Polo Towers for its awesome location - big apartments, so in one room you have 2 double beds and a sofabed  - i've sent 3 people to stay there and 2 liked it, 1 thought it was ghetto.