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Which Slots Are Loosest Downtown?

Where: 18 East Fremont Street [map], 89101
March 29, 2011 at 11:55 AM | by | ()

While searching out eligible candidates for the Guide to Downtown Las Vegas we hung out at the Las Vegas Club. The impression we were left with was a rundown casino with a sports bar theme that seems as though someone lost their enthusiasm halfway through collecting memorabilia. Sure there are some cool items like a World Series bat collection from the 50s and several impressive autographs much older than us. But it felt as though once the memorabilia was placed it was somewhat forgotten.

Ultimately the LVC failed even a mention in our guide but we did walk away from our visits with two lasting items: that sports pic up there and the thought that if we had the means to buy one downtown casino this might be it. The basic theme could be improved upon and it's not like the walls were crumbling. And the fact that the fetish pit would come included didn't pass us by.

Since our wallet's not in the market to turn a casino around, we hung onto our sports pic and that was that. But now there may be a reason to return to the LVC. Their promo team has been touting the casino as Downtown's Loosest Slots. While the Gaming Control Board hasn't fully certified that statement, they have confirmed that LVC slots are 15 percent looser than the downtown average. And according to the Vegas Seven that's enough to be drawing gamblers back in.

Not all the slots have been spitting out money at once, but machines have been loosened by 40% in groups. LVC doesn't even want you to have to guess which ones are ready to pay out. They've placed signs stating This machine has been loosened by 40 percent.

For more on the math and marketing of loose, check out the Vegas Seven article. Otherwise, have you been to the LVC lately and gone home with more money? If not, is Downtown's Loosest Slots enough to get you away from the Palms slots? In other words, If You Loosen It, Will They Come? Ok, maybe not the best slot slogan. Let us know your thoughts!

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