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The Gold Spike Girls Want To Sit On Your Facebook

Where: 217 Las Vegas Boulevard North [map], 89101
March 29, 2011 at 8:16 PM | by | ()

We categorized our stay at the Gold Spike as not too fancy but not too shabby. And we mentioned the cheap $3 blackjack dealt by scantily clad dealers. But if you're still undecided (or even if you are decided) you can check out those sexy blackjack dealers from the comfort of your own bathroom couch. The Gold Spike Girls have their own Facebook page and the cover shot of Jenna looking ready to buck that chair like nobody's downtown business got us to click on up there.

Most girls have around a dozen pictures in as many albums, so now you can get your Facebook fetish on and have a fav GS Girl before even stepping foot in the downtown spot. Make tough decisions such as whether you prefer long haired, bucking Jenna above or trimmed up Jenna bobbing the pole. Or browse the individual albums of all ten girls.

Prefer two-on-pole action? (Should we have gone with Two Girls, One Pole?) Either way, Simone and Kendall are ready for you to post up at the Siegel Club:

Need a Gold Spike Girl for each finger? There's a pic for that as well:

Prefer to walk on the artsy side?

The Gold Spike Girls even give you the chance to check out the Oasis pool:

For all the Gold Spike Girl goodness you handle, peruse the their Facebook Albums at your leisure. Just be sure not to confuse the Girls of Gold Spike with those of Glitter Gulch. The latter have a Facebook page as well but they look a little fake don't ya think?

[Photo: Gold Spike Girls; Glitter Gulch]

Archived Comments:

My Girls!

Great pics Girls! Can't wait to see you all again! I'll come and see you soon1 The most fun you can have playing blackjack downtown! http://goldspike.com

Love those Girls!

The Gold Spike Girls are alot of fun and that is a incredibly fun place to gamble.  Take a group in there and you can basically take over the casino!  The dealers are hot and fun!


too bad their page wasn't left in memory of the spike!