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Book and Stage to Become Just "Stage" Soon?

March 3, 2011 at 4:23 PM | by | ()

Cantor Gaming has been on a rip this year opening new sportsbooks at both Tropicana and Hard Rock Hotel. Their newest addition to the mix is coming soon.

Cantor Gaming is opening a new sportsbook at The Cosmopolitan in time for March Madness.

We were lucky enough to get a tour of the Tropicana sportsbook when it opened just before the Super Bowl. If you recall we really liked the technology and overall space.

We finally got a chance to see the book at the Hard Rock and while it is very similar looking to the command center that is Tropicana (pictured above) it felt as if we were sitting in coach, while Tropicana felt more like first class.

Of course, we're looking forward to The Cosmopolitan actually having a place where we can be surrounded in sports as opposed to the Book and Stage which is clearly not made for sports. It took multiple trips by multiple chatterers to even see where the betting window is in the Book and Stage. It's hidden behind the bar, tucked in a corner to the right.

The new sportsbook will be located on the second floor located opposite Holsteins Judging from this picture we're expecting it to feel more like the Hard Rock sportsbook than the Trop's. We're hoping that Cantor Gaming allowed some input on layout from the Cosmopolitan staff as most of the casino is super comfortable.

With the move of the sports book we're wondering if there will be name changes to Book and Stage. Will it be called "The Stage"? Will the new sportsbook be called "The Book"? With the location of the new sportsbook next to Holsteins we'd like to recommend the name of the sportsbook be "Book & Burger." All we ask in return are drink and burger tickets.

Leave us a comment if you have better ideas for a name!

Archived Comments:

The "Book" is very well hidden....

....at "Book & Stage."  I seriously didn't see it was there until the Florida/Georgia basketball game was already underway in January, too late to make a bet.  This new book is a much-needed improvement.


I walked by it on two visits and never saw sports. Look forward to the new space. I'm guessing it will feel somewhere between the Trop & Hard Rock books. Very cool, but not loungy. More command center like. Hoping to get a sneak peak this weekend.