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Soon You Can Hang At The Arcade All Day And Not Be Creepy

Where: 512 Fremont Street [map], 89109
March 31, 2011 at 11:57 AM | by | ()

Every one remembers their first. Ours was Pong. We still remember the awe we felt when we first saw it. How we couldn't stop playing it even with the warden mom breathing down our neck about chores. How bouncing a little white dot between two short bars would fascinate us for hours. Even now we can still hear those electronic beeps in our head.

We can all get that feeling, and those sounds, back again when Insert Coins opens its doors in a few short weeks in Downtown Vegas. The concept is simple yet has never been done in town before - one part arcade, one part lounge, all parts fun.

Meant to be a gamer's paradise (just not of the video poker or slot variety), Insert Coins will offer "classic arcade cabinets from the 70s to the 90s" as well as "modern gaming and retro consoles" from Atari to PS3, and more. Just walking inside its doors sounds like it will blow our minds with a visual and sound overload. Vibrant graffiti murals (like the one shown below) will adorn its walls while arcade consoles will blare the electronic soundtracks of our life. If that weren't enough, a video DJ will fill the joint with even more pulsing sights and body-vibrating beats.

Joseph Guadamuz inserts graphic art into Insert Coins.

Insert Coins will open April 15 at 7 p.m. From there, hours will be daily, from noon to 4 a.m. And, while adults are extremely geeked out about its arrival (just look at the giddy comments being left on Facebook by its 2,137 and counting fans), families visiting Vegas with kids should know that they'll still need to stick to The Adventuredome for underage fun. The arcade lounge doesn't serve food, but it does offer booze making it a strictly 21 and over establishment.

Can't wait until the opening? Head to InsertCoinsLV.com where you can play their own online arcade game. Fair warning - it's addictive. But, isn't that the best kind?

[Photos: @insertcoinslv on Twitter]

Archived Comments:

Sounds fun...but...

Check out Las Vegas Pin Ball Museum. Not a lot of frills, but a good way for a family to kill a few hours. http://www.pinballmuseum.org/


Someone beat me to mentioning the Pinball Hall of Fame! Man, if the two businesses were next door to each other, I might have to find a residence within walking distance...