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Do Slot Payouts Matter?

May 18, 2011 at 3:40 PM | by | ()

We aren't always the most economical gamblers, but we like to know what we're in for so we keep track of the math behind the games. At the beginning of our days, we always looked for the advantage when were playing our favorite games but, after a while, it didn't really matter to us.

Still, we get the question "Who has the best slot machine payouts in Vegas?" pretty often. (The answer is probably The Palms at the moment.) We try to keep up on such stats, but as an astute VegasChatter commenter noted - it may not be worth it to go out of your way for a 1-3% advantage, especially if you're playing lower limits. The gas money or cab fare to get to better payouts may end up costing more than gained in the search.

So, do slot payouts matter?

It depends on the person and their mood. Sometimes we want the big bang right away and sometimes we want to take the long way. Often, when people are looking for better payout percentages they are looking to play longer rather than to get the big bonus and walk away. Of course, we all want to win, but we know that isn't always the case with slot machines. There's a lot of psychology here. More than we're comfortable with.

We just learned about Bally Technology's new slot machine called Hot Spin that gives us a little more control, which we like, but takes some of the thinking out of the mix, too.

Hot Spin allows us to choose which we want between the big bonuses and the small time extending bonuses. Ultimately, the payout will be the same, but the road travelled will be different. Hot Spin is being installed in a bunch of MGM Resorts properties right now.

Ultimately we all want to win when we gamble, but depending on how long we're playing and how much we're spending it may not matter which machines we play. Still there's something to be said for knowing the best games to play and where they're available. Because of this, we will keep track of the best gambling odds available to us but we won't go out of our way to play those games. We'll just know that certain casinos have better odds for certain games than other casinos, so that when we visit we know what's better for us to play. How about you?

Archived Comments:

Less Frequent, Bigger Wins!

I think that I prefer pouring $100 into a machine, and getting potentially bigger payouts. I think it's worth it psychologically to go to the Palms if they have a (potential) 2-3% better payout than other casino, no matter the cost of cabs/gas!


I'm moody, so I go back and forth on that. :)  FWIW, the $2-$3 saved won't cover the cab fare, but if you double the $100 the cab fare is covered! So is dinner! Haha.

This is how I roll

Max bet..bigger payout.