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No More Bare Naked Ladies Feet Allowed at the Wynn

Where: 3131 Las Vegas Boulevard South [map], 89109
May 31, 2011 at 8:03 PM | by | ()

Turned away from the Wynn?

Girls hobbling around casino floors at the end of the night with their strappy, too-high high heels in hand are just as common of a sight in Las Vegas as men in too-tight Ed Hardy t-shirts.

Now that might be alright for the Luxor or the Hard Rock but is that really something you want to see when you're paying top dollar for a more refined stay at a luxury property like Wynn or Encore? Probably not which is why Steve Wynn's casinos may have banned bare feet on ladies altogether.

Vegas tweeter Rex Imperator tweeted this yesterday:

YES! Finally! @WynnLasVegas requesting ladies to wear shoes at all times! Thank you!

We're still trying to suss out if there is an actual policy mandating shoes on ladies at all times (the pools have to be the exceptions) but we've personally been told to put our shoes on at The Palazzo when it first opened. Yes, we were that girl...once. So if it is true, the Wynn is probably not the first casino to ban bare feet. Still, girls, better learn how to walk in your heels before partying at Tryst and XS. Our tip? Just drink some more.

Ever got busted by security for having bare feet in the casino? Tell us where!

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Archived Comments:

In a casino is one thing...

but, I just can't figure out the ladies who walk barefoot down The Strip. Unfathomable.

This would be sad

I love playing blackjack @ Encore while the drunk girls roll out of XS holding their shoes. Fun to watch. More fun (ick) when they walk into the bathrooms barefoot (ick). Haha.  I hope they don't enforce a must wear shoe policy!

Hotties on stilts

LOL! Spot on, eastcoastgambler.

Yes, you see them totter in at 10:30 and then watch them stagger out at 3:00 half a foot shorter...top entertainment!

What I can't figure out is 'Why'...along with nail varnish, shoes are only going to be judged and commented on by other women...inside tip girls, guys don't look at anything either side of your shoulders or below your knees.


to walking down LV Blvd in bare feet.
I can understand Wynn wanting their patrons to wear shoes and I am crossing my fingers that they will not outlaw flipflops. I love my wedgie flip flops. I live in my wedgie flip flops.