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New Slots For Guys And Gals

May 4, 2011 at 2:27 PM | by | ()

A few slots hit the casinos in the past week and we wanted to pass them on. There is a clear divide between which will draw men and which will draw women. Although after a few too many, we're pretty sure even men will find the altered states of reality fun in the various Alice in Wonderland slot machines available. Meanwhile we can easily see most guys that play the penny slots heading over to Pirate Battle.

Unless we're hungover, we almost always head to the penny slots with the most noise and bright shiny things. Pirate Battle gives us, pretty much, everything we'd want in a penny slot - Loud noises, ability to play with others, sweet video and explosions. We saw this previewed at G2E, but couldn't get our way onto the machine because they had dudes hovered 2-3 people deep all day. Thankfully the game is available now!

While we think most guys will be headed to Pirate Battle, we think that most women - including our moms - will be headed to the Alice in Wonderland slots. By our count there are at least 5 different versions of "Alice" available - at least one by each slot manufacturer. We never saw ourselves playing Wizard of Oz, but after a few too many we love hanging out with the moms yelling for the witches. While, we can't see ourselves heading to this game before a cocktail, we can definitely see ourselves hanging with the moms waiting for the Cheshire Cat and, more interestingly, strange looking mushroom bonuses. This one may be our favorite.

The great thing about the penny slots is that there's usually something for everyone now matter what shade of reality they may be in. Of course these slots pay out the worst but they can be a blast while we're losing our $20 bill. And who doesn't like to have fun!?

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