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Have You Ever Paid the 'Additional Person Fee' For Your Hotel Room?

May 4, 2011 at 7:49 PM | by | ()

Yeaaaahhh that's gonna cost you extra.

So you and your friends have found a dope room in Vegas for the weekend (congrats!) and to make the trip more affordable and subsequently leave you with more money to stuff down the banana hammocks at Chippendales, you plan on splitting the room cost between the six of you. Or so you thought.

You may not know this but most Vegas hotels charge an additional person fee for upwards of $30 per person a night. Usually the fee kicks in for the third person as most hotels will allow two guests in a room in the room rate (The max amount of guests is usually four adults.)

This fee is typically applied at check-in although we're sure if a hotel catches a ton of people sleeping in the room they could fine you on the check-out folio as well.

Now, fortunately, this is not the most enforceable fee. You can always sneak your friends into the rooms by requesting extra room keys ("Whoops! We dropped ours in the pool!") and you may even be able to do a crafty pass back in the elevator bank to evade security.

Since there are easy ways of avoiding the fee, we just assumed that this is what most on-a-budget groups of people were doing in Vegas until recently, a friend told us she willing to pay the fee for a friend's bachelorette party as they were trying to put four girls in a room. Interesting, and so honest, we have to add. *hangs head in shame.

Have you ever coughed up an additional person fee in Vegas? If you have, was it worth it? If you haven't, tell us how you got around it in comments below!

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Archived Comments:

I'm clumsy

I used to always lose keys back in the day.  Sometimes slipping a $20 at check in will get you past that fee too. Not that I've ever done that.

Well, I Never!

I paid the extra fee once or twice.  Then the last time we needed to jam 5 guys in one room, I remember diving across the room to tackle the guy mid-sentence who was calling housekeeping to request a couple extra cots...

Naw ....

....would never tell a hotel who or how many. No need to pay the extra money. And in my world...I can never be quite sure who or how many may even sleep over.

 After the AVN's in Jan, I awoke to find Ron Jeremy asleep on my couch at the Cosmo. That can be scary!


pay the extra person fees. You're already getting nickel 'n' dimed with their resort fees and tight machines anyways. Works out to even in the end.

Heck no!

Never! My record is 10 in a $30 room. Ah, the college days... 3 nights in Vegas for $10 per person.