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Electric Daisy Carnival: Lineup, Lock Down and Move Out

June 13, 2011 at 11:59 AM | by | ()

Better late than never, we guess. Late Friday night (we're talking at almost midnight), Insomniac finally (finally!) released it's lineup for the first-ever Vegas Electric Daisy Carnival... now just 11 days away.

We won't pretend to know even half of the names on the schedule aside from a bare handful like Tiesto (set to perform Friday, June 24), David Guetta (down for Saturday) and Afrojack (to appear on Sunday). For those that would like to know, you can check out the full schedule for yourself online. If you've already had tickets since April, tho, why not just surprise yourself each night at this point?

From the schedule, it looks like the Las Vegas Motor Speedway will be divided into six different musical zones named Kinetic Field, Cosmic Meadow, Circuit Grounds, Neon Garden, Bass Pod and The Thunder Dome. (Anyone familiar with suburban Vegas, wouldn't be surprised to find these as street names in just about any neighborhood.)

In addition to eardrum mind-blowing music (yes, we're usually the ones telling the kids to turn down it), it looks like attendees will also be able to trip out over fire twirlers, stilt walkers, dancers and aerialists as well as full-size carny rides and "large-scale art installations." For some reason, we think Burning Man when we hear that. Just us? There will also be a 15-minute fireworks show nightly as well. (The EDC website makes a point of highlighting "less restrictive pyrotechnic regulations." Are we the only ones kinda concerned by that?)

In spite of an initial ticket-buying frenzy, there are still tix to be had, although, the cheap seats have been long gone. Right now, your options are a single-day VIP ticket for $200, a three-day general admission pass for $215 or a three-day VIP pass for $500. Nab them here.

There will be free parking at the Speedway for those with rentals or riding with friends, but taxis aren't your only option if you're in need of wheels. A shuttle bus service will ferry attendees from select hotels in Downtown Vegas and on The Strip to EDC (and back again) for $60 for a three-day pass or $30-$40 for single-day useage. (And, if you think you can crash in your car, not so fast. The EDC website warns that sleeping in cars won't be permitted and that any cars at the Speedway in the daylight hours will be towed. We're thinking probably not the best way to wake up after a night of raving.)

If you want to keep your hands free for drinks, glow sticks or whatever while you're partying from dusk to dawn (not an exaggeration), on-site lockers are being rented out for $55 (small) to $78 (extra-large). The fees cover all three days and you'll get $20 bucks back if you return the key.

So tell us, are you going to party like it's June 24-26, 2011 next weekend in Vegas?

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im going to party my face off! :)