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How To Survive The Sahara Liquidation Sale (Trust Us, We Know)

Where: 2535 Las Vegas Blvd S [map], 89109
June 17, 2011 at 5:00 PM | by | ()

Sam Nazarian's fire sale left hundreds of folks burning up -- in scorching heat -- on day one of Sahara's liquidation.

If you would have asked us yesterday at any point of our four-hour wait to get inside the Sahara's liquidation sale, we would have told you that this story would be a fiery FU to a CEO who clearly didn't think past making one last buck. Now, we're just worn out, deflated and trying to move on. Pretty much like Sahara's former employees must surely feel. Oh, yeah -- and still oh, so thirsty. We've gotten up twice for refills in just writing this story. A total of Five hours of hell in +90 degree heat with no water can do that to you.

The line continues today, tho, we haven't heard just how severe it is. (The local media have apparently moved on and we ain't moving from our couch.)

Inside, Sam is willing to let everything go and we do mean everything -- even dingy hallway carpet was being sold at several hundred bucks -- and is willing to keep the lights on (if not the A/C) for two months to wring every last bit of profit out of a once grand dame who is now being stripped of every last shred of dignity.

If you're planning to stop by for a bit of Vegas history, wear comfy shoes, dress light, bring a six-pack of water (or something more fortifying, just keep it on the DL as police officers stroll by on occasion) and, most importantly, don't forget a friend. At the very least, the latter will allow you to walk away in disgust whenever you wish, rant without seeming crazy or go on a restroom or food run. (We chose a bad day to skip breakfast, ourselves.)

Parents, don't bring your kids here. Forgot about the fact that there is searing heat and that there may or may not be a long ass line. Think about how many times the kids touch things and then put their hands in their mouth or rub their eyes. Do you really think anything is being cleaned in the Sahara now? Or at the very least well?

While a lot of the expected things were long gone by the time we got inside four hours after the doors opened (those iconic Sahara doorhandles, most - if not all - of the poker and blackjack tables), there were still a lot of other things up for grabs. Like an endless amount of $2 each stemware, fugly hotel room art at $25, mattresses (too busy shuddering to note the price), dressers and nightstands, too. Oh, yes, and more than enough camel lamps to go around as almost everyone was clutching one.

For those that missed our live tweets, check out the photo gallery above for a more detailed journey through our ordeal. (Make sure to peep the last pic we couldn't tweet as our phone died right after we snapped it!) To those who followed us @VegasChatter throughout the day, thanks. You made us laugh, kept us from complete boredom and most importantly reminded us that we were doing this for a purpose - you.

A special thanks to our linemates, John from Vegas, Darryl from San Antonio and Richard from way of the UK. If we had to spend four hours with complete strangers, we're glad it ended up being you.

And, it should be noted that Vegas gossip Norm Clarke went above and beyond yesterday as after seeing our tweets about the lack of water, he brought down and handed out two cases of it before heading inside. A class act, that.

The Sahara Liquidation Sale will reportedly go on for the next two months. Hours will be 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Saturday; Noon to 5 p.m. on Sunday. A $10 entry fee will be charged through this Sunday, June 19. A 10% buyer's premium is tacked onto every purchase. Only cash, VISA and MasterCard are being accepted. You have to be present to secure a purchase and must make your own shipping arrangements.

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for going. i was glued to your tweets. and actually pretty glad i couldn't go so i didn't have to decide whether to stick it out in that heat or not.