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5 Tips for Letting It All Hang Out at The Topless Pools in Vegas

June 23, 2011 at 6:15 PM | by | ()

Our club kid Brandy Alxander braved the topless pool scene in Vegas in search of a European experience in the middle of the desert. But it turns out that while you can take the tatas out of the bathing suit, you can't take take the gawking pool boys out of the dayclub. Allow Brandy to explain that for us now.

I thought the European pools in Vegas would take me back to the summer spent studying abroad in Spain, where I shed my American innocence, er ignorance, and my bikini top in public for the first time.

But it didn't.

Vegas’ take on European pools is nothing like the serene Spanish coast’s playas. They’re similar to the rest of the town's dayclub pools, only with boobs. There are quite a few notable differences though.

In Spain, exposed chests are of all ages, but during Venus Pool Club’s grand opening this year, I was disappointed to see that I was one of the youngest pairs hanging out.

And as forward as Spaniards can be, they would never gawk or cat call en la playa. At Venus, I rolled my eyes every time a pool boy stared at me and exclaimed, “Woo hoo! No tan lines!”

Now, that’s no way to make a girl feel like a goddess, is it?

Unprofesh pool boys aside, you can still have a good time tanning with your tatas out, and these five tips will help:

5. Opt for spray sun block, not cream: While you’re sunbathing, chances are you’ll be due for a sun block reapplication. Unless you want to look like one of the GIRLS DIRECT 2 U rubbing white cream over your chest, keep it classy and spray the girls with sun block instead.

4. Shave: Sounds like a no brainer, but you’d be surprised. Don’t be that one hairy lady. Vegas pools are not the place to go au natural.

3. Bring your shades and a hat: You’ll never know who you’ll see at the topless pool, or who will see you. So if you’re going to stare at the other topless ladies, do so stealthily behind your sunglasses or peek from under your hat. And if you suspect someone like your boss or coworker might take a dip at the Euro pool, it’s faster to slip on your shades or a hat than fish your bikini top out of your bag and tie it back on.

2. Go easy on the alcohol: Don’t let the hooch turn you into a hooch. A few cocktails will help take the edge off of being exposed, but be careful to not become that girl at the pool party that’s both sloppy and floppy.

1. Keep track of your clothes: Especially if you had one too many drinks or have a friend that thinks it’s funny to play hide and seek with your top. Trust me, unless you’re the ultimate exhibitionist, running frantically around the pool topless is not a good look.

Have you braved the topless pools in Vegas? Tell us how it went!

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