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Behind The Curtain of NYNY's Tweets

Where: 3790 Las Vegas Boulevard S [map], 89109
June 29, 2011 at 12:12 PM | by | ()

Most Vegas casinos tweet these days, some with a team working the buttons behind the scenes while others opt to fly solo. Unless you know someone that knows someone you might be limited to following @WynnLasVegas, @FlamingoVegas, or @RivieraLasVegas. But what if you want more behind the scenes scoop and pictures?

While not a casino, we've always admired Vegas based Zappos for putting all their tweets out there for the public to see. And now perhaps New York-New York is taking a shoehorn out of the Zappos book, setting up their Twitter page with six twits accounts to follow for all the NYNY dirt.

Of course there is the main @NYNYVegas which answers guest questions, shoots a heads up on video shoots, and alerts us when the dueling pianos take it outside to the bridge. It also hosts a weekly scavenger hunt, #FindFridays. Last week's winner nabbed a not too shabby $100 credit to Nine Fine Irishmen.

Then there is, depending how much you loves New York, either the underutilized or overused @VinnyDaMan, NYNY's official spokesperson. The Brooklyn accent just jumps from da pages of dis guy's tweets. Vinny does it all from advertising craps lessons, hanging with hostesses, and even talking about the real NYC and its Yankees. Mostly we like Vinny for his party pit girl pics like the one up there, here, here, here, and oh, also here. Perhaps Vinny is da man after all.

Deneb is NYNY's @VegasSocialGirl who leans toward Hit Me With Your Best Shot or Don't Stop Believin when it comes to karaoke. If you were following Deneb, you'd know that Hams ate at NYNY recently. She also helps out with #FindFridays.

To get inside the head of the casino's Director of Hotel Marketing follow @VegasMktgMaven. LJC not only spots dogs on motorcycles but alerted us to Social Media Day 2011 in Las Vegas on June 30 (open bar!).

A man after our own heart (and stomach), Executive Director of F&B Micheal Kennedy tweets at @VegasWineDine. Rather than inundating with yummy food and drink pics though, he re-tweets a ton, does #FollowFriday, likes Rok a lot, and *gasp* orders room service at Encore. He does have a few recommendations for grub at Nine Fine and goes out of his way for guests looking to make a phone call. Oh, and he prefers haha to lol.

Beverage man Wayne Alexander (@MixingVegas) offered ladies attending the Electric Daisy Carnival last weekend a little something something before heading out. He enjoys long walks on the beach half naked ladies in the casino and alerts followers to Bacardi shot giveaways.

So go on and follow @NYNYVegas and all the behind the scenes folks for all the NYNY scoop you can handle, plus some. And of course, don't forget to follow @VegasChatter, the only twitter feed seen from space.

[Photos: mLife butts: @Vinnydaman; Bacardi Girls: @MixingVegas]

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You used my favorite twitpic from NY-NY. My punchline is... "proof that M Life is ass"...!