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Total Rewards Card or Total Rewards Room Key?

June 28, 2011 at 3:24 PM | by | ()

There are plenty of people that collect room keys when they go to hotels. They're nice little memories. I only have a Rocky Balboa key from Planet Hollywood from a few years ago. It's easier to flash at people than a blackjack table felt that was on every table. It is a great memory from a great trip to Vegas. Over the weekend I stayed at Flamingo and saw one of the worst key card ideas.

Why would Caesars Entertainment use almost the exact design of the Total Rewards cards as a room key card? That's awfully confusing. More annoying is that most Total Rewards members are Gold members. As you can see, I'm lucky (or unlucky) enough to have a platinum card so I could differentiate fairly easily, but most won't be able to. Especially after a few drinks. (Not a humblebrag, although it may read as one).

Still, I kept the cards separate from each other. I usually keep my key card and players cards in the same pocket, but this weekend I made sure my key card was in my back pocket - just in case. After a day I noticed that my Total Reward card had a hole in it so that people can put them on a key chain. That's the only differentiation I found from the Total Rewards card to the Flamingo room key card.

I know that Wynn does this as well with their cards, but this was a first with Total Rewards.

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Isn't it one and the same?

I thought the intent was that your room key was now also your Total Rewards card?  But never thought about how they tie it to an existing account vs. just opening a new one for most people.  I assume they could tie it all together at the front desk though, if they confirm the guest already has an account.

If that's the intent and they aren't explaining that at check-in, that's a fail.  If that's not the intent I don't get the design either.


They didn't explain that to me at check in, but maybe that's the case.  If they were able to tie everything together like that, that would be kind of cool for room charges and such.  At the same time I travel with dude friends often and I don't think I want them having access to use my comps.  

Good point

If say you and I were traveling together we'd each have our own Total Rewards account, so would they tie each room key to our accounts?  That seems confusing. And then what happens when the room keys get thrown on the desk and we pick up the wrong one before leaving the room.

I'm even more confused as to how these room key rewards cards are supposed to work now.

I hate that they do this

I don't like that they do this.  I'd rather have 11ty room and players cards than have a room that IS the players card - I always feel like I misplaced my room key.

@eastcoastgambler - They need ID to redeem comps, right?  Should be no problem there.


I rarely show my ID when using comps. Some places yes, some places no. Really depends on the people working at the time.

@ Mr. P

I also have a tendency to just toss keys around, especially since there's no number. I'm more of a hindrance to myself in this case. Haha.