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Las Vegas Hilton To Become Las Vegas Dot, Dot, Dot

Where: 3000 Paradise Road [map], 89109
June 29, 2011 at 7:45 PM | by | ()

The Las Vegas Hilton is now the Las Vegas TBD. The Las Vegas Review-Journal broke the surprising news that the Hilton brand is checking out of its relationship with the franchisee as of January 1. Does this mean that LV Hilton is the next Sahara? Or, will the hotel find a new brand to hitch to the end of its name? Only time will tell.

While we take it upon ourselves to handily compile a list of future names, here's what else is making news in Vegas:

●The guy charged in a fatal stabbing on The Strip says he was just defending himself [Las Vegas Sun]

Pam Anderson is pissed she doesn't have a condo in Vegas [Orange County Register]

●Accusations are flying about missing milions in loans for the Fontaine-Bust [Miami Herald]

●The Palms has a new Prez [Forbes]

●And, the Cantor assimilation continues as the sportsbooks of the Venetian/Palazzo become the latest to be consumed [NY Times]

Archived Comments:


I've only ever seen the Las Vegas Hilton from the exact position as the photo above.  If I don't go to the observation deck @ the Stratosphere, the Vegas Hilton doesn't exist to me.  I've always thought of it (when it crosses my mind) as such an anomaly.  Didn't it use to have the Star Trek Experience?  The Palms and Rio I can understand.  But the Hilton?  Should I visit?  This rant has no point, but how/why has the Hilton lasted this long?


Yes, that's where the STE was. They had Manilow for a long time so that was likely a big revenue maker for them. I think they also have a relationship with Hawaiian Airlines, too. Their proximity to the Convention Center was/is likely a big reason they are still alive, too. Other than that, no reason to go, really, for dining, spa-ing or staying.

It really is convenient to the strip

Rooms are just o.k.. What I like best about the Hilton is the monorail stop just steps from the hotel so you don't have that loong walk like all the other stops. It's great if you are not renting a car and want to see the strip. It's the one place that makes the monorail really convenient.

My guess

I'm calling for Convention Station...a new convention center station casino! Besides a convention, good gambling and cheap eats may be the only thing to get me out there.

What about the sign?

I love the huge sign. I hope they can put something just as big in its place....

From what I hear. . .

As an employee with friends in management, rumors are swirling of course.  We have known about this since the beginning of the year, but Hilton has been at this for a while.  The customer service scores for this property are among the lowest of any Hilton hotel, with a mid-40s satisfaction rating.  Colony has been shopping the property for about a year, Hyatt and Starwood have declined the offer.  Another rumor is that Hilton Worldwide is eyeing the fontainebleau property.  Of course, this is just, from what I hear. . .

the fontaine-bust no more???

i think hilton should absolutely take over the fontainebleau. it looks so sad sitting there 3/4 finished. v interesting that starwood passed on the prop but it probably need some mega-upgrades...

It Will Survive....

Monorail stops there, Adjacent to the Largest Convention Center, Largest Sportsbook in the WORLD, rooms are so so unless you get a suite or better, but it's been there too long, it's a great property, someone will invest in it. Just for the Convention Center Alone.

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